August 2015

My wife’s colleague and our friend came with her daughter to stay with us for a while.

03rd August


10th August


12th August
Gio wanted to stay with/on the swing in the supermarket


19th August


23rd August



28th August


29th August
Wyse’s 2nd birthday party.

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March 2015 – Hunger, Speech and Violence

Sunday, 1st March 2015



Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Saturday, 7th March 2015




Wednesday, 11th March

Chilling with Mama

Chilling with Mama

18th March


Sunday 22nd March – Hunger and Speech

We were going for a birthday bash at The Jolly Roger. There is a sand-pit there, so we picked Gio’s bucket and tools. When we got out of the house, Gio ran behind the house, which is where he normally goes to play with soil.
We called him back.
He picked the bucket and ran behind the house again.
He cried when brought back.
He cried and cried as we drove to The Jolly Roger.

Finally, he paused in his crying and said ‘Eat.’

My wife was quite amused, that Gio was so hungry that he spoke. I felt sorry for him.




Sandpit Violence
At the sanpit at the Jolly Roger, a boy came and joined in the playing. He tried about twice to get the shovel that Gio had. I found the boy rather irritating. Gio refused to give it to him.
One time he took an old one that was there and tried to exchange it with the new one that Gio had. Gio did not want that deal.
Gio knocked the boy on the head with the plastic shovel, I think. The boy started crying. I verbally reprimanded Gio but was quite pleased amused.
We fled the scene of crime.

IMG_9218As we were leaving the Jolly Roger, Gio saw some boys also leaving. He joyfully ran after them, solidifying my view that he should join school and play with other children.

IMG_922829th March 2015

Looking at ants/termites

Looking at ants/termites

That boy was peeing and Gio was curious

That boy was peeing and Gio was curious

1st to 28th February 2015

01st February 2015
Gio loves the boots in this picture.

A number of times I would be seated in the house and he’d bring me the boots for me to get him into them.
Problem is, it’s quite a difficult process getting his feet properly into the boots.

06th February 2015




07th February 2015
Gio eviscerated his lovey.


11th February 2015
Gio loves playing with my coins. His mother doesn’t like him doing that.


18th February 2015


16th to 31st January 2015 – Two!

Saturday, 17th January 2015


Thursday, 22nd January
Gio started throwing things in the corner space behind the TV.
The nanny then decided that that would be a good place to be stashing his toys.

IMG_8751Friday, 23rd January

Gio turned two today, as did this blog 🙂
Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.
We thank God for Gio’s life and health.

IMG_8755 IMG_8760 IMG_8762 IMG_8772

Saturday, 24th January
The bash was bigger than portrayed by the pictures below.
More pictures will be uploaded later.

20150124_112944 20150124_112943 (1) 20150124_170141

Sunday, 25th January
Unwrapped Gio’s birthday gifts.
Some more friends visited and brought Gio more gifts.

IMG_8784 IMG_8838 IMG_888126th January


Undated Event

One day as I came home, I approached the place where the nannies often gather to chat as the children play. The nannies were there this time, as well as a neighbour’s child, a girl of maybe three.

I had some trash to dispose of, so I passed where the congregation was and headed towards the trash bin.

“Uncle Telo! Uncle Telo!” called the little girl.
Anajificha!” (He/she is hiding!) “Anajificha!”
Nani? (Who?)
“Aunty Telo.” (Telo’s Auntie (nanny))
The gathered nannies were laughing at this.
Wapi?” (Where?) I asked.
Huko.” (There.) she pointed.
I went upstairs to our house and found the nanny standing at the balcony looking all innocent.

Saturday, 31st January – Moving Day.
My wife told the nanny she can’t work with someone who does not follow her instructions.
She cited the time when she had again left Gio asleep in the house and gone downstairs, then ran when she saw me arriving, but was reported by the neighbour’s child. He could go to the bathroom and take detergent. He could go to the stairs and fall. He could…
She did not deny the charges, but tried to downplay the incident. She was fired.

On reaching the new house, Telo’s time to sleep. Since his bed(room) had not been set up, we put a mattress on the floor in the living room and put him on it. He slept through all the commotion around.


01st to 15th January 2015

Thursday, 01st January 2015
We went to celebrate New Year with my dad and siblings

Friday, 02nd January
My cousin Eunice visited.

IMG_8537Saturday, 3rd January

IMG_8559 IMG_8561

Sunday, 04th January


Monday, 5th January

IMG_8599Tuesday, 6th January


Wednesday, 7th January
I passed something to Gio and he said his version of ‘Thank you.’ I felt very proud of him.

I came back home and found nanny removing clothes from the line?
Where is Gio
He was asleep in his crib.
This is Gio who can now get out of his crib (Sunday, 22nd June 2014)
This is Gio who can open doors (16th Dec 2014).

Friday, 9th January

IMG_8730 IMG_8736

Saturday, 10th


Sunday, 11th January


01st to 07th December 2015

Monday, 1st December 2014
My wife bought sweet potato flour to use instead of wheat, since Gio reacts to wheat.

Gio’s lovey underwent corrective surgery.

IMG_8065 IMG_8061Following the successful operation, Gio started playing with it again.

IMG_8073 IMG_8059 IMG_8067 IMG_8069

Tuesday, 2nd Dec
Pancakes and raisins


Wednesday, 3rd Dec
Gio likes looking at pictures and watching videos of himself. To be fair to him, maybe he would be equally fascinated by pictures and videos of other kids.



I played for him one of the videos he has watched since he was quite young. He was reciting some letters of the alphabet at the same time as the narrator.

Thursday, 4th



Saturday, 6th December








Sunday, 7th Dec 2014
As we were getting into the house at night, my wife slipped, fell on her foot and fractured two ankle bones. This incident affected activities in our house for weeks after it happened.

2nd November 2014 – Jolly Roger

Sunday, 2nd November 2014

I Love Playing In Water!
After Church, my wife suggested to members of our Marriage Enrichment Group that we go to the Jolly Roger. We were all to arrive independently. We bought some chicken and chips/fries from KFC, then went to the Jolly Roger.
Gio played in baby pool. He did not sit in the water as most of the other children were doing.







After a while, he got out and walked to the other pool.
After a while, again, he got out of that other pool and started walking to the big pool.
The life guard and I rushed to him.


After the pool, Gio enjoyed one of the swings a bit but I think he did not like too much it because the sun was in his face.


We then went to the sand pit, which he seemed to love.

IMG_7420 IMG_7427

I Love KFC!
When we got home, I gave hims some of the fries that were left. He liked them. I wanted him to wash his hands before he ate some more.
He resisted my attempts to take him to the sink.
His mother washed his hands then went to the kitchen. Gio remained standing at the baby gate looking into the kitchen and whining. When I showed him the KFC box, his face lit up and he came running. We ate the remainder of the fries and chicken.
He started crying when I told him it was finished, showed him the empty box and I folded the box. He seemed to think I was just denying him the fries.