9th to 12th December 2013

09th Dec 2013

My wife’s mum arrived. Gio seemed fairly friendly with her.

IMG_861710th Dec 2013

IMG_864211th Dec 2013

My wife and Gio’s nanny were away. I can’t remember where the nanny was. Gio was left primarily in my care – feeding, changing, putting to sleep. My wife’s mum helped too.

IMG_864712th Dec 2013

Went to the nearby farm. Last time we went Gio was too young to respond to the sight of animals. This time he was quite fascinated.



5th to 8th December 2013 – Dogs

05th Dec 2013

IMG_837906th Dec 2013

IMG_8470 IMG_846107th Dec 2013

IMG_8537Sunday, December 08 2013
Went to Church.
Went to visit my dad.
My sister had asked me to be showing her picture(s) to Gio, so that when they finally meet, he will not reject her.
So I showed him an old picture. Not sure he would recognise the current person based on that picture.

There are two dogs in my dad’s compound. Rex is the bigger black one and Poopie(sp?) is the white one.

Naturally, Gio was fascinated by them.


I carried Gio out of the house and went and sat near the garden. Poopie sat by himself while Rex had gone to the shed where my Dad was.

IMG_8557Gio started making cooing sounds. That got the dogs’ attention and they both came to where we were. Reminds me of Big Cat Diaries, where the sounds of young animals can attract predators.

IMG_8558Rex especially seemed interested in this smaller human being. I quickly stood and lifted Gio higher up where his chubby legs were not as easily reachable. I then made my way back into the house, away from the potential predators.



03rd and 04th December 2013 – Potty, Free Fall

3rd December 2013

I was lying on the carpet next to the couch. Gio cruised to near where I was, turned, let go of the couch and held on to me. He may have taken a step or two.


Gio changes position while asleep

Gio changes position while asleep

4th December 2013

In addition to hanging around with his tongue sticking out, Gio now has a habit of letting himself fall forwards onto his mum, me and so on. Naturally, my wife is concerned that he might hurt himself.


01st and 2nd December 2013 – Potty 101

01st December 2013

IMG_8262bWent visiting some friends.
They had this thing (the one commonly called a gym). Gio pushed it along the floor and effectively walked while holding on to it. The walk was quite wobbly and I kept close to prevent a fall.

IMG_8295IMG_8299About three years ago, when my wife and I were newly married and were living near these friends, they gave us a potty as a Christmas gift as a joke. Last year(?), their sister was visiting with two kids and we lent them the potty. My wife asked for the potty yesterday.

2nd December 2013 – Potty 101
After Gio had his morning porridge, my wife told the nanny to put him on the potty. Both the nanny and I were amused at this suggestion, but the nanny did as instructed. Minutes later, Gio pooped in the potty!