10th to 16th March 2014

Monday, 10th March 2014
Gio is still coughing especially in the morning.

Tuesday, 11th March
When Gio is standing up, he does not kneel then stand. He puts his legs in a standing position with his hands still on the floor, then he straightens himself.

We set up the baby gate that we bought from the previous house occupants.

Gio has learnt not to touch the TV.

Thursday, 13th March
The rash Gio had is back. We will again stop giving him cow milk.

Friday, 14th March
Gio has lost hair.
His mum says it is because he pulls it and puts it in his mouth.


Saturday, 15th March
Went with Gio to a friend’s wedding, then to a bash.

Dressed like a golfer or someone attending a polo event or something.

Dressed like a golfer or someone attending a polo event or something.

Sunday, 16th March
Went to church. My wife said Gio was the troublesome child in the nursery.
A friend of ours fed Gio his lunch in the car. He was quite co-operative.


3rd to 9th March 2013 – Own Room

Monday, 3rd March 2014
Again, I sat with Gio as my wife caught up on some sleep. The fever is largely gone and Gio is livelier. But now he has a cough and a largely blocked nose. This is a challenge for him when taking porridge, because he now has to breathe through his mouth. But he finished his porridge. (Did I tell you Gio loves food? Especially the food on other people’s plates).


Tuesday, 4th March
We told a pharmacist friend about Gio’s cough and nasal congestion. he recommended some cough medicine and saline drops, which we bought.

A neighbour is moving out. She has a young child. My wife asked if they were selling any items and they offered a stair gate, a feeding chair and a seat for a child who is learning to sit.
It seems they also left Gio a tricycle and a small ride-on car.

My wife took Gio to his cot and he was asleep in minutes.

Friday, 7th March


Saturday, 8th March

Sunday, 9th March – Own Room
Moved to a house upstairs. Gio seemed excited at the increased space now available in the living room.

The seat that prevented Gio from touching the TV has been placed elsewhere, so Gio can now reach the TV.

We put Gio to sleep in his own room and set up the baby monitor.

24th Feb to 2nd March – Unwell

Monday, 24th February 2014
The rash does not seem to be going away. Maybe it’s the Weetabix that he is reacting to.

IMG_1640 IMG_1642 IMG_1651

At bed time, Gio cried and kept standing up. This went on for longer than usual. I finally made him lie down and he slept maybe 50 minutes after we started.
My wife says maybe it is because last night it is her who put him to sleep.

Tuesday, 25th February
Gio woke up at about 6:30 a.m.
I went to get him from his cot and he retreated and lay down crying. It was as if he thought I wanted to make him sleep.
I took him and brought him to our bed. My wife changed his diaper as I prepared some mango to feed him.
He played about on our bed, the nanny took him and after a while he slept and was brought to our bed.


Playing with some of his birthday gifts


Wednesday, 26th February
Alfred and I went to look at various schools. The original one we set out to see is an ACE school. The ACE system is quite interesting. We went to two other schools, one is ACE and one is a kindergarten only. The fees!

My wife bathed Gio after he had had supper. I put him to bed and he was asleep within 15 minutes or so, without a single sound of protest. My wife said maybe we should be bathing him every night.

Thursday, 27th February

Friday, 28th February – Unwell
Gio feels hot to the touch and does not seem quite himself.

The rash on his face seems to be going away. If the rash was caused by Weetabix, which we stopped giving him, then maybe we can go back to giving him cow milk.
It just occurred to me that maybe I react to Weetabix as well. I don’t take Weetabix consistently. There are times when a rash appears on my forehead. I have never bothered to find out what causes it. I think the rash appeared recently, maybe after we bought the current box of Weetabix.

Gave fever reliever about 1:40 He took it quite willingly while on his feet.

2:40 p.m. My temperature 35.6 degrees C
Gio’s temperature 38.8 degrees C

Gio retains food in his mouth for rather long while eating.


Saturday, 1st March
My wife was up a lot of the night cooling Gio down.

I hanged out with Gio as she caught up on some sleep.

Sunday, 2nd March
I hanged out with Gio again.

Gio refused to have supper. My  wife says he has not pooped since morning.

17th to 23rd February 2014 – Milk Alternatives?

Monday, 17th February 2014
We stopped giving Gio cow milk. Today, the rash seems to have already started going away.
My wife is interested in getting soy milk to replace the cow milk. I am a bit hesitant, preferring to get the nutrients Gio needs from other foods such as beans, spinach and other leafy green vegetables.

My wife and I went outside to skip and took Gio with us.

He enjoyed walking about.
The neighbours cat showed up and Gio was delighted to see it.


My wife put Gio to sleep.

Tuesday, 18th February
I researched on the Web about soy milk. It seems to be good, but the calcium content is significantly lower than that in cow milk, unless the soy milk is fortified. Some sites mention some dangers.


My wife and I went to the supermarket to see what alternatives were available.
For comparison purposes, please note that the Gold Crown milk we had been giving Gio costs 45/- (about US$ 0.50) for a 500ml (about 17 oz.) pouch.
We found the following at Nakumatt:
Whole camel milk 150/- for 500ml (that is more than 3 times the price of cow milk)
Low fat camel milk 80/- for 500ml
Yoghurt 80/- (the one we buy is 90/-)
Goat milk was 150/- for 500ml
Soy 260/- per litre

I put Gio to bed and stayed with him in the room. He was asleep in about 15 minutes, with only a little whining.

Friday, 21st February
My wife and the nanny left early in the morning for some tasks.
The day went more or less as follows:
7:30 or so Gio woke up
8:10 to 8:30 Fed him porridge that had been left for him in the warmer.
Left him in his seat after that.
He started complaining after a while.
8:53 Changed diaper. Went to wash my hands.
9:03 Finished changing him
Started making breakfast for myself.
9:20 Gio toddled round the corner towards the kitchen. He had squeezed past the barrier in the living room.
I had my breakfast.
10:13 I put Gio in his carrier
10:28 He seemed to be asleep
I put him in his crib
11:25 Up
Fed him some mango
Left him on his high chair again
12:28 Diaper change
Put his lunch in the warmer
Went outside

IMG_1516 IMG_1497
1:35 came back into the house
1:40 My wife arrived
1:47 My wife left for work
I fed Gio his lunch
2:59 I put him to bed
3:40 He awoke
4:10 to 4:30 More mango

Later, I think when about to put Gio to bed, my wife asked if I had given him water. I hadn’t!
We gave him some.
8:30 to bed

Saturday, 22nd
Gio woke up about 7:30 a.m after sleeping early last night.

Sunday, 23rd February
Went to Church in good time. My wife sat with Gio in the nursery for children aged 0.5 to 1.5 years.

Went for our monthly Marriage Enrichment Group meeting. The members were delighted to see Gio walking. It was the first time they were seeing this.