About School

There is some background information that I feel would be useful in understanding Gio joining school relatively early.

My wife and I had actually considered homeschooling. In fact, we went ahead to find out who is doing it and where they got training to prepare them for it and their experience. Those who are homeschooling seem quite happy with it.

As we were thinking these thoughts, Gio was of course staying at home and going about his usual routine. He would be taken outside by the nanny to play and after lunch, he would be put to bed. This is where one problem was. Many times he would get out of bed and come to the sitting room and would cry if he was taken back to his bed to sleep.

In addition, I noted that I personally could not keep up with the sustained play that Gio wanted.

Thirdly, as I mentioned towards the end of this post, Gio would get excited to see other children of roughly his age or a bit older and would want to play with them.

Considering these things, I felt that Gio needed a place where he could play with other children, get tired, and be able to sleep for at least an hour in the afternoons. The solution was to get him into a play school or play group of some sort.

Thus began our hunt for schools.


There is a school next door to where we live. This would have been an excellent place. The nanny could walk Gio there, have him play to his heart’s content, then they could walk back in the afternoon, and hopefully he would be tired enough to sleep. Unfortunately, that school does not have play school.

So we tried a little further on, same thing – no play school.

A third school had apparently closed the kindergarten and now had a secondary school only.

Further and further we drove.

Another school indeed welcomed children of Gio’s age, but my wife felt that the children of his age were too few. I think there was just one girl of about his age. Or maybe two. (Plus the school was rather costly).

Yet another school (this one uses the Accelerated Christian Education¬† – ACE – system) had more children, but my wife said the teacher/s was/were ‘shrubbing’ (speaking with a tribal accent). Sigh.

Another school was really nice. And really expensive (for us at least), at about 100,000/= (currently about $1,000) per term! No, thanks.

Keep in mind that the original plan was to get Gio playmates at a place he could walk, play, walk back home and sleep.

We went to at least eight schools in total.

Finally, we went to one more school, just to find out about it. When we saw the fee structure, I wanted us to leave. My wife asked about bringing Telo only a few days a week, and the person we were talking to said they’d get the accountant to respond to that. The accountant turned out to be someone who knows us from Church! She told us that her own children were in this school, that she had tried ACE and finally brought the children here, etc. My wife was convinced.

To really summarise, my wife lobbied for us to take Gio to this last school, and we did.

That is how Gio started going to school. Well, he starts in the next post.


24th Feb to 2nd March – Unwell

Monday, 24th February 2014
The rash does not seem to be going away. Maybe it’s the Weetabix that he is reacting to.

IMG_1640 IMG_1642 IMG_1651

At bed time, Gio cried and kept standing up. This went on for longer than usual. I finally made him lie down and he slept maybe 50 minutes after we started.
My wife says maybe it is because last night it is her who put him to sleep.

Tuesday, 25th February
Gio woke up at about 6:30 a.m.
I went to get him from his cot and he retreated and lay down crying. It was as if he thought I wanted to make him sleep.
I took him and brought him to our bed. My wife changed his diaper as I prepared some mango to feed him.
He played about on our bed, the nanny took him and after a while he slept and was brought to our bed.


Playing with some of his birthday gifts


Wednesday, 26th February
Alfred and I went to look at various schools. The original one we set out to see is an ACE school. The ACE system is quite interesting. We went to two other schools, one is ACE and one is a kindergarten only. The fees!

My wife bathed Gio after he had had supper. I put him to bed and he was asleep within 15 minutes or so, without a single sound of protest. My wife said maybe we should be bathing him every night.

Thursday, 27th February

Friday, 28th February – Unwell
Gio feels hot to the touch and does not seem quite himself.

The rash on his face seems to be going away. If the rash was caused by Weetabix, which we stopped giving him, then maybe we can go back to giving him cow milk.
It just occurred to me that maybe I react to Weetabix as well. I don’t take Weetabix consistently. There are times when a rash appears on my forehead. I have never bothered to find out what causes it. I think the rash appeared recently, maybe after we bought the current box of Weetabix.

Gave fever reliever about 1:40 He took it quite willingly while on his feet.

2:40 p.m. My temperature 35.6 degrees C
Gio’s temperature 38.8 degrees C

Gio retains food in his mouth for rather long while eating.


Saturday, 1st March
My wife was up a lot of the night cooling Gio down.

I hanged out with Gio as she caught up on some sleep.

Sunday, 2nd March
I hanged out with Gio again.

Gio refused to have supper. My  wife says he has not pooped since morning.