11th to 17th August 2014 – Hospital Visits

Monday, 11th August 2014
My wife is feeling quite unwell. We decided to go to hosital and while at it, to pass by the paeditrician’s just to be sure that Gio’s cough is not something more serious, and to check on his milestone progress – justifying the KShs 2,000/- cost.
We went to the the clinic we usualy go to and found many people waiting to be seen, so we decided to go to the paeditrician instead, so that Gio could be seen then let to sleep. There were many children there as well. Gio walked up and down, played with the furniture and switch.

20140811_125624 20140811_125805At some point he crawled on the floor and my wife immediately asked me to go wash his hands. I went with him to the Gents and washed his hands with soap (and water of course). He was afraid of the hot air hand drier.
Then Gio started getting cranky. He still had not had his mid-morning sleep. After waiting for maybe one and  half hours we left to attend to some other matters and to let Gio sleep in the car as we drove. Gio slept for a little over an hour. Meanwhile, my wife called a doctor friend of ours who recommended some medicine. We went back to the clinic and finally saw the paeditrician. Despite his resistance, she managed to look at Gio’s ears and throat and said he was generally okay. He was overcoming the cough. My wife asked her about cough medicine and she said OTC cough medicine is not recommended for three reasons – they cause sleep, while the child is supposed to be taking lots of fluid. Secondly, if other problems arise, you can never know if it is due to the sedation of the original problem. Thirdly, they cause dryness of the throat which inhibits the ejection of what the body is trying to get rid of through coughing. She recommended giving a warm mixture of honey, orange juice squeezed from oranges (as opposed to shop-bought juice), cinnamon powder, a little ginger and turmeric. She said we should give a few spoonfuls of this every two to three hours. However, she gave us a prescription of what to get just in case Gio seems to get worse. We found that the consultation fee had been revised to KShs. 3,000/=
We bought some oranges on the way home and gave him juice mixed wih warm water and honey.
That night, my wife went to bed pretty early. Before 9:00. The nanny gave Gio some more of the honey/orange mixture.

My wife did not get to see a doctor.

Tuesday, 12th August
My wife woke up feeling much better.

At night, my wife fed Gio some pineapple.


After some minutes, he started moving back and forth, whining and rubbing his lips. Apparently the pineapples had cut his mouth and it was paining him. He ate his supper amidst some crying. I felt sorry for him.

Friday, 15th August

My cousin visited. Gio enjoyed playing with him.

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Click picture for larger version (Sequence of pictures altered)

Saturday, 16th August
Gio whining at night, Woke up at 7:00. He had pooped and it had leaked out of his diaper. My wife took him to the bathroom to wash him. He was crying when she poured water on him. His willy was swollen. My wife thought maybe the poop had scorched him. I Googled. It may be an infection. Later, when my wife was changing his diaper, I asked if he had peed. No. Maybe the tract is blocked. Off to hospital we went (I think I scared my wife). Lab test showed no infection, but a culture test’s results will be out in about 72 hours. Meanwhile, the doctor prescribed medicines to generally treat Urinary Tract Iinfections.

Later, we went to our friends’ new house. Gio enjoyed playing there and sitting and lying on the dusty floor of the empty house. And outside too. His clothes got very dusty.


Sunday, 17th August
Our Marriage Enrichment Group was meeting at our house today. Gio skipped his afternoon nap altogether, preferring to play with the children of the Group members.


4th to 10th August 2014

Wednesday, 6th August 2014
My wife nowadays leaves the house without sneaking out. We decided to implement this so that Gio can learn to watch her go without crying. (He usually does not make a big fuss when I leave).


At night, Gio sneezed a few times. My wife said he has a runny nose. She went to buy him antihistamines. I was not too keen on Gio being given medicine, especially OTC meds, but my wife said we should anticipate and prevent the symptoms and let the child be comfortable.

Thursday, 7th August
“Is there some food in which you put Blue Band?” my wife asked the nanny.
“Yes, sometimes Telo’s food.”
“Don’t put Blue Band in his food at all. If you want you can put in yours.”

Friday, 8th August
Went with Gio to a friend’s wedding. Naturally, Gio was walking up and down.

At night Gio woke up coughing. It sounded quite bad. My wife said the remedy she knows is honey, but should we give honey after 1 year? Please Google. I did. Turned out honey is indeed a recommended remedy. It soothes the throat. Also turns out over the counter drugs for children under six are NOT recommended.

Saturday, 9th August
We went for a birthday bash. At first, Gio was up and down playing with a tap, walking to the dog house, until the dogs barked.


Then he did not like being near the dog house that much any more. Later, when the dogs were barking, he would imitate them “Woo! Woo!” he barked.

Sunday, 10th August
We went for a bash to ‘break up’ the committee of the June 7th Wedding.

Gio and some children were playing with a ball and when it was time to leave, we couldn’t find it.

28th July to 3rd August 2014 – Songs, Sleep, Soya, Speech

Monday, 28th July 2014 – Sing
Gio usually ‘sings along’ (read ‘daaa, daaa’) to a section of this song in particular.

Tuesday, 29th July 2014 – Sleep, Soya
We recently read in ‘What To Expect The Toddler Years’ that one of the allergic reactions in babies to cow milk is insomnia. Gio has not been sleeping well since we introduced cow milk back into his diet. We normally notice the allergy by a rash that appears on his face but there has not been any rash, the insomnia theory makes sense.

My wife bought soya milk for Gio after agonising about the matter for long.

Gio woke up at night and would not go back to sleep. He was crying instead. Finally, my wife decided to just have him sleep in our bed.
This disturbed sleep furthered her belief that he is reacting to by cow milk.

Wednesday, 30th July
Gio started taking Soya milk, with his cereal.

My wife says she read online that the MMR jab – the jab that Gio got on Saturday – has been linked to autism. It didn’t help matters that Gio’s behaviour has been off since he’s not sleeping well. Other authorities say that there is no link between MMR and autism.

Thursday, 31st July


Friday, 1st August


Saturday, 2nd August
Gio has now been sleeping very well. Is it the abolishment (again) of cow milk?

Sunday, 3rd August – Speech

“Gio is behind!” said my wife.
This was interesting coming from her because just two or so days earlier, I had said something along the same lines and she had asked “Who said he is behind?”
Anyway, apparently my wife’s colleague’s 15-month-old daughter, with whom my wife had travelled yesterday, sings audibly! Gio does not quite speak yet. Well, he does say ‘Mama’ and ‘Baba’ but I am not sure he says it to mean anything. According to sources, he should be using some words by now.

21st to 27th July 2014 -18 Months Old

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014
Gio turns 18 months today.

He was scheduled for a clinic visit for weight check and a jab.
When we were ready to leave, we started looking for his clinic card. We looked and looked. We found it maybe an hour later. This was already way past his morning sleep time. My wife kept him awake in the car so that he would sleep after the jab.
On reaching the clinic, we were kept waiting again, which usually does not happen. Gio was cranky. My wife got agitated. We finally went in. The measles jab is given on Saturdays, said the nurse. So Gio was only weighed – 12.? kilos. What a waste of time! We kept Gio awake and came all this way just to weigh him!

Friday, 25th July
“Gio came to hit me with your toy” said my wife.
“I had to pull the tea towards myself or it would have scalded him.
He seemed to know that he had done something wrong – he fled across the room and looked back at me from that distance.”

Saturday, 26th July
Back to the clinic we went. Gio was given the last jab in the required jabs series, at least until (when?).
Him mother did not want to see him being jabbed, so I carried him.
He didn’t cry much. In fact, I think he was crying because the object he had been carrying was taken away.
We tok him back home and left for town.

On the street, near California Cookies, we found and bought a copy of What To Expect the Toddler Years, for 300/- A new copy would likely cost at least 4 times that amount. The seller had several copies of What To Expect When You Are Expecting. I mention where we got the book in case you want to get one :-).

Gio has been taking milk for one week now without rashes appearing.

Sunday, 27th July
Went for the second year birthday bash for one of our Marriage Enrichment Group members.
“That boy is called Telo,” said our friend to her cousin.
“Which one?”
“That one.”
“That one??”
“That is a boy?!”

Gio enjoyed playing on the bouncy castle. It did not have a protective net round it, meaning a child could fall from it.