5th to 11th May 2014

Tuesday, 6th May
I bought Gio a new toy, having seen him playing with a mopping bucket yesterday. (Don’t panic – the bucket was empty).


My wife is not overly enthusiastic about the toy in its current state. She wants to remove the handle, something about Gio putting it over his head and getting caught or unable to remove it.

Gio, on the other hand, likes putting things in the basket and pouring them out again.

Gio has a new dancing style – sort of running on the spot.

Wednesday, 7th May

Ever since he daily photos stopped (Link Change in policy) Gio’s photos have become sporadic.
All these are days without photos, I said, showing about eight folders within the April folder on my computer.
“We can take shifts, each person takes a week,” said my wife. “And I will be choosing my photos.”
“Please choose. I find it so tedious. In fact that is one of the reasons we went to weekly.”

Our friend M visited and brought Gio a new ball.



Touch Your Nose!

Tuesday, 29th April 2014
Apparently, Gio is scared by The Planet Song. So my wife asked me to remove it form the flash disk containing it.

Looking at the new lamp-shade

Looking at the new lamp-shade

There was a blackout. Gio apparently wanted TV. He took the TV’s remote control and gave it to me. (He usually clings to it and does not want it taken from him). Then he waited expectantly, looking at the TV. Pity I was powerless.

Wednesday, 30th April
My wife went with Gio to a bash for the birthday of the son of a colleague of my wife. She later said Gio was very excited and joined the other children there in making a lot of noise and also kept my wife on her feet following him up and down.
After they came back, Gio was put to bed but he kept crying. My wife eventually had him sleep in our bed.

Thursday, 1st MayLabour Day
Went to a friend’s house. I was taking some pictures and the friend was chasing Gio up and down as he played with a decorative ceramic(?) ball of sorts that was in her house. I said I feared he would break it, but she did not think it could break.


After noisily rolling and kicking the ball on the tiled corridor for a while, the friend and Gio came back into the house. Gio dropped the ball on the floor and it broke. Gio’s second official breakage.


We passed by some other friends’ house and had tea. When Gio was finally put to bed, he fell asleep without a squeak of protest.

Sunday, 4th May
Went to some friends’ house. They have several cats. Gio enjoyed watching them play, but at some point backed away when the play was a bit vigorous 🙂


“Touch your nose,” said the video that was playing. Gio touched his nose, just as his mother had shown him earlier in the day.

Touch your nose!

Touch your nose!