19th to 22nd July 2013 – First Solids Preparation

19th July 2013IMG_2759Saturday, 20th July 2013
My wife went to buy a used high-chair that was on sale for 2,500/- but found that it was too worn out and would need some repair. She left it.
Went for the second dose of Rotavirus. It is 3,400/- at Gertrude’s but they said they do not want to give a different brand from the one that was given as the first dose. Back to the paeditrician’s. Gio was given oral drops and my wife was surprised that the drops were so few. It turned out that those few drops were polio vaccination. He was then given the Rotavirus drops.

Went to Nakumatt supermarket. The high chairs there were unappealing.
Baby rice cereal came down to Purity vs Milupa. Purity was 200/- for 200g while Milupa was 250/- for the same quantity.
Milupa won, for the reason that they described theirs as ‘Gentle’ Baby Rice.
IMG_2787My wife picked rubber duckies (that I had mentioned from time to time before) for Gio’s bathtime.

Gio’s cough seems to have become worse. It no longer sounds dry.

Nowadays Gio shouts instead of the crying that he has been doing.

IMG_2773Sunday, 21st July 2013
The rubber duckies made their debut. Gio seemed to enjoy playing with them. (That generally means reaching for them and putting them in his mouth).

IMG_2801Went to Church.
Went for our Marriage Enrichment Group meeting.

Had some cake for Gio’s Superstar, to celebrate the good work she has done so far, two days before he reaches 6 months.
IMG_2855 IMG_2849
The rice cereal box says 32g to be mixed with 210 ml of follow-on milk.
That means the box of 200g will only be enough for 6 feeds.
If we are to feed it to Gio once a day, as suggested by the lactation lady, it will last less than a week.
IMG_280822nd July 2013
Went to the supermarket. Milupa Gentle Baby Rice has sugar listed as one of the ingredients. Purity doesn’t. Also, the instructions on the Purity box ask for 5 teaspoons of the cereal to be mixed with 140ml of milk (or formula). Milupa says 8 teaspoons and 210 ml of milk per serving, meaning that Purity would last longer.
IMG_2881Gio’s cough persists. His nose is also a bit stuffy.
IMG_2884Went to Kasarani to look at a cot that a lady there was selling. She also had a high chair.
The items could not fit easily in the Vitz. (Told you we needed an Amazon).
I told my wife, either Gio travels in the front seat or we come for the stuff tomorrow.



15th to 18th July 2013

Monday, 15th July 2013
Bath time moved to a later time than has been the case of late.
Gio slept at 9:00, as opposed to the 8:00 or 8:30 that has been the trend the past few days.

IMG_269316th July 2013

Gio can now roll over fully from his back to his tummy. After that he takes a few moments to pull out the arm that is now underneath him.

17th July 2013
Was out of the house till late and did not get a picture of Gio today 😦

18th July 2013


11th to 14th July 2013 – More Prices, Walking Age, Beliefs

11th July 2013

IMG_2565 IMG_2567Friday, 12th July 2013
Went to Biashara Street. There are car seats there that cost around 6,000/= and I think even 4,000/=
High chair for 4,000/-
High chair whose height can be adjusted 7,500/-

Wooden cot with mattress and net for 12,000/
My wife said it was softwood and I said what does it matter?

There was an Avent ‘3-in-1’ breast pump on offer for 12,000/-
I asked what 3-in-1 meant.
Electric, battery-operated and manual.
Usual price is 15,000/-
My wife contemplated buying it.

The Medela electric pump is 12,000/-

Picked Gio’s Grandma from bus stop.
I her asked about Gio’s cousin.
“She is now one year and four months old.”
“So she is walking already?”
“Yes, she walked at 7 months. Just like her mother.”
IMG_2583 IMG_2582Saturday, 13th July 2013
Around yesterday Gio began making a razzing sound (sort of buzzing and blowing saliva through mostly closed lips). He is doing it a lot today.
Went to visit a relative.
While we were there, I lifted Gio over my head to place him on my shoulders (or neck, if you prefer). His grandma said that carrying him over my head will make his teeth delay in growing. (Remember this?)
IMG_2609 IMG_259614th July 2013
“Don’t eat your toes,” said Gio’s Grandma.
“Why?” we asked.
“You want to hear another one?” she asked, laughing.
“He will delay in walking.”


7th to 10th July 2013 – Boy Or Girl?

Sunday, 7th July 2013
Went to Church with Gio. He was generally quiet during the service and slept a bit.
He was asleep when the service ended. We put him in the stroller and he went on sleeping even as we wheeled him on the parking lot that had stones.
I rather sympathised with him for having to sleep in a seated position.

We were invited to lunch by some family friends and one of them asked if Gio was a boy or a girl
She said she thought he was a girl because he is so beautiful.
“What a waste of beauty!” she said.


With my sister Apondi

IMG_251208th July 2013

IMG_253309th July 2013
Went with Gio to a fund-raising concert. It was rather loud at first, but the volumes reduced somewhat when the concert proper started.
At some point Gio was shrieking and I was covering his mouth.
Someone told me to let ‘her’ make noise.

We left at maybe 10:15 p.m.

WP_20130709_003 IMG_254710th July 2013

01st to 03rd July 2013 – Unwell

1st July 2013
Discovered a boil on Gio’s head 😦
It had actually grown to the point of bursting. We squeezed it (against the advice of various web sites)

IMG_227302nd July 2013
I was in town and my wife was at home with Gio. She called me and asked me to Google what a baby’s temperature should be, and said Gio’s was 36.7 degrees Celcius.
I Google and first found the temperature in degrees Farenheit then moments later that normal temperature is 36 to 37 degrees C.
IMG_229903rd July 2013
Gio’s nose sounded a bit stuffy. He was also making crying sounds as if he was uncomfortable. I sat him up and moments later his nose was running. But that went away and he resumed breathing through his nose. My wife said he refused to feed at night. Gio generally does not seem himself today.

We went to see the lactation specialist (I’m not sure that is what she calls herself) about weaning Gio. She gave us an informative talk. (She charges KShs 2,500/= per session).

Went to the clinic for weight check. 9.5kg. He has gained (only) 300g since the check last month. His temperature was about 38.2 degrees!
We went and saw the paeditrician (following the matter of the not-so-good medicine from the clinic). She gave him some medicine and prescribed some more.

By bed time, Gio was a bit more cheerful and more like his usual self.

IMG_2302Some relatives/friends gave us a stroller for Gio.

(Sometimes I think of writing a post about all the things Gio has been given, then I fear that I may offend some people by forgetting to include them…)