1st to 3rd May 2013 – 100 Days

1st May 2013

Gio woke up around 5:00, as I predicted yesterday.

Bought a sleeping sack from Smart Baby at 1,500/=

IMG_9640My wife’s aunt visited.
Not surprisingly, she gave Gio a bath.

IMG_9376At night, my wife brought Gio to his cot. I was in the bedroom. Gio was asleep. She placed him in his cot and he woke up and started making sounds.
“This is the test,” said my wife, referring to putting Gio to bed while he is awake.
He continued making happy noises.
Then he started crying.
My wife came to check on him and left as I laughed.
“Let me leave you with your father who is laughing,” she said.
I looked at the clock on my computer. 8:52 p.m.
Gio continued crying.
My wife came back. She took him. 8:58 p.m.

She breastfed him and he slept.

2nd May

Gio has a stuffy nose and my wife says I am the cause. I recently had a cold of sorts.

IMG_9395Aunty said we should shave Gio’s hair so that it grows nicely afresh.
What is wrong with this current hair?
It will cut and fall of
Then if it cuts by itself it’s fine.

Aunty said we should not hand over the baby with his back towards the recipient.
He will reject/refuse people.

3rd May

Gio is 100 days old today.

Click here for some video clips



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