22nd to 24th June 2013 – 5 Months!

22nd June 2013

Two of my wife’s sisters and later a cousin visited. There was a bit of sort of tossing of Gio in the air and some being put upside down.

IMG_1887IMG_1912I expected my wife to protest, but she did not. She later said that by around 4 months the baby’s neck is strong enough to handle some tossing.

IMG_184723rd June 2013 – Five Months!

Gio turned 5 months today.

Added some items to the Baby Bag Packing List:

  • Wipes
  • Powder
  • Jacket
  • Backup clothing item for mother

Went for a photoshoot at the Nairobi Arboretum with our friend Japho, a leading photographer in Kenya.
There was a lot of this:

IMG_1941Photography at the Arboretum costs 1,000/= (paid to Kenya Forestry Service). Of course the photographer’s fee is separate.

IMG_1927IMG_196124th June 2013

Gio often scratches himself. He was asleep. We remembered that my wife wanted to cut his nails while he was asleep.
He woke up just as she was about to start. I was given the task of entertaining him while she cuts his nails. It was challenging but I pulled it off.



12 thoughts on “22nd to 24th June 2013 – 5 Months!

  1. I was surprised at how Gio was laughing uncontrollably as he was being tossed HIGH UP, thought he would be scared.
    Planning to visit my family in Mombasa for about a month and it’s a cause of concern, my family have MANY ideas, (some not healthy) about raising of babies and am not looking forward to the fights coming our way. Anyways, would be nice to escape the cold and enjoying family! My family is nice to hang out with, never a dull moment 🙂

  2. I think it was the best idea to do the photos with Japho, his son is 3 days younger than Gio and so he was veeeery patient
    with us as he took the photos. And not forgetting that he didn’t charge us, we say asaaaaaanteeee sanaaaa uncle Japho!

  3. Other people’s photos aren’t usually as interesting as the proud parents believe, but your son is adorable. I liked the smiley photo in particular. My son, all grown up, believes in tossing his children in the air for fun. I believe in waiting until they turn 21 and then they can toss their helpless parents instead. I’m sure, though that your son had a ball, babies love that sort of stuff.

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