3rd to 9th November 2014 – Speech

Monday, 3rd November 2014
Feeding Gio is often such a battle. He whines, turns his head away, refuses to open his mouth, pushes away the hand trying to feed him, then he usually eventually opens his mouth. The nanny repeatedly claims that this happens more (only?) when my wife is around. She says that during the day, he feeds so well that Huwezi jua iko mtoto kwa hii nyumba (You wouldn’t know there is a child in this house).

My wife prepared the ground for Gio to feed himself, hoping for better results, but she ended up mostly feeding him.


Tuesday, 4th November
Gio has started counting. He counts Two, without bothering to count One.


A number of times it is me who dresses him up for bed.
Here he is with his much loved teddy bear. He normally reaches out for it and makes a sound for assistance if he is unable to reach it, and many times his face lights up when he gets it. My wife bought it for 30/- (about US$ 0.33). She says if she had known how much Gio would like it, she would have picked a better-looking one.


Friday, 7th November

Saturday, 8th November
We went for breakfast. We gave Gio some egg, he pushed it out of his mouth. We gave him some potatoes, he pushed it out of his mouth, We gave him some bacon, that he ate. We gave him some bread, and that he ate too.

Sunday, 9th November
When we reached Church, Gio was asleep. So I stayed with im in the car as my wife went in for the service. He woke up after sleeping for about 45 minutes. I changed his clothes (he had been sweating) and we went in to the church building as well. I took him to the nursery and put him down, but he turned to me whining, so I picked him up. Whenever I put him down, he complained again, so I carried him. Naturally I found this unusual. I even felt his head to see if his temperature was high, but he was fine.

After the service, my wife was standing talking to a friend of ours, while Gio, another friend and I stood in the shade a few metres away from them.
“Kay,” I called my wife.
“Kay,” Gio repeated.
Gio followed me into our bedroom. Usually when he gets into our bedroom, he looks around for something to pick, or he goes to my computer keyboard and starts pressing keys. Or both. This time he picked a Bluetooth adapter that looks like a flash disk, and took off with it (as he usually does), like someone who has found major loot and wants to get away before it is taken away from him.

I followed him and he went to the TV and was trying to put the adapter behind the TV, on the left side where the USB port is, and where we usually put a flash disk.

There is this video that Gio likes. He imitates a few of the actions and watches me imitating them.
When it reaches the part where it says “Hug,” he makes a sound and moves forward for a hug.


2nd November 2014 – Jolly Roger

Sunday, 2nd November 2014

I Love Playing In Water!
After Church, my wife suggested to members of our Marriage Enrichment Group that we go to the Jolly Roger. We were all to arrive independently. We bought some chicken and chips/fries from KFC, then went to the Jolly Roger.
Gio played in baby pool. He did not sit in the water as most of the other children were doing.







After a while, he got out and walked to the other pool.
After a while, again, he got out of that other pool and started walking to the big pool.
The life guard and I rushed to him.


After the pool, Gio enjoyed one of the swings a bit but I think he did not like too much it because the sun was in his face.


We then went to the sand pit, which he seemed to love.

IMG_7420 IMG_7427

I Love KFC!
When we got home, I gave hims some of the fries that were left. He liked them. I wanted him to wash his hands before he ate some more.
He resisted my attempts to take him to the sink.
His mother washed his hands then went to the kitchen. Gio remained standing at the baby gate looking into the kitchen and whining. When I showed him the KFC box, his face lit up and he came running. We ate the remainder of the fries and chicken.
He started crying when I told him it was finished, showed him the empty box and I folded the box. He seemed to think I was just denying him the fries.

27th October to 1st November 2014

Tuesday, 28th October 2014




Thursday, 30th October
Gio likes sort of rolling his eyes to one side when he is spinning, (he usually spins by himself while standing on the carpet).
Here are some shots of him doing so while spinning on a chair.

My wife went to bed early, so the task of preparing Gio for bed fell on me.
I find it rather tedious – changing his diaper, selecting layers of clothes to dress him in, dressing him one layer after another (usually with some non-co-operation), but I did it. Then Gio dipped his hand in a bowl of water, wetting the sleeve of two of the layers of clothing he was wearing. I told him No and as I was taking him away he dipped his other hand in the water as well. Darn!
The sleeves were just slightly wet at the wrist, and I contemplated letting him sleep like that. I imagined my wife would not approve of that. Sigh! So I had to do it again – pick fresh clothes, remove layer after layer of the clothes he was wearing, dress him up again, layer after layer.


13th to 19th October 2014 – Unwell

Tuesday, 14th October 2014



Wednesday, 15th October
The nanny pronounces Gio’s second name ‘Telo’ as ‘Delo.’

“This baby has a high temperature,” said my wife.
I touched him
“Which temperature?” I asked
“You always say that,” she said.
We put a thermometer under his armpit and of course he wanted to pull it out.
The thermometer reading was normal. He was taken to sleep.

When I went to zip up his romper much later, he indeed felt quite hot.

Thursday, 16th October
Gio feels quite hot to touch.
We gave him Calpol and I went to buy him Zinat.
The lady at the pharmacy said the price was 830/- I asked for a discount and she said 700/-
The receipt said the price was 700/- and discount was 0.
I had also bought a packet of Gio’s calcium-fortified soya milk at 275/-
That’s 975/- gone in one morning for Gio.

About 2:00pm temperature was 38.6 degrees C

My wife had bought suppositories for Gio.
I deposited it.
Gio refused to eat pilau (a rice based-meal).
After a while, he dozing on the sofa! A few days ago, my wife had remarked that we never find Gio asleep on the floor or on a seat.

It is unusual to find Gio just seated like this

It is unusual to find Gio just seated like this

Gio refused to eat fries at first, but he eventually ate, being fed by the nanny.
The nanny then dressed him for bed.
We gave him medicine.
He threw up almost immediately.
The nanny changed his clothes and I deposited another suppository.
We gave him medicine again.
He threw up again.
The nanny changed his clothes again.
He was then taken to sleep.

Friday, 17th October
Gio took porridge
He was given medicine.
He threw up.
My wife called a doctor friend to ask for advice. The doctor friend was arrested for talking on the phone while driving.
My wife felt very guilty and focused her energy on getting him released.

We took Gio to the clinic.
Amid Gio’s resistance and protests, the doctor examined his ears and throat. A blood test was done as well.
Turns out he has a throat infection. The doctor said we continue with Zinat and prescribed something to prevent the vomiting. He said we should give Calpol instead of the suppository paracetamol, because with the suppository, we cannot be certain that it has been absorbed, and may end up overdosing the child when we give a subsequent dose.

Our doctor friend was eventually released with a warning.

Sunday, 19th October
Our neighbour had a birthday party. Gio, who was now back to himself, enjoyed himself. As did his dad.


Gio was trying to lap up some water that was on the bouncy castle.