21st to 27th April 2014 – Haircut, 15 Months and Stuff

Easter Monday, 21st April 2014
Gio likes the neighbourhood cat, but he does not actually touch it.

An old friend of my wife’s visited.
Went for a walk at the farm.

IMG_2753 IMG_2761

Tuesday, 22nd April – Haircut
Gio woke up at around 10:30 a.m. (as opposed to the usual 7:30 a.m or thereabouts).

Gio finally got a haircut. I think he looks very different.

IMG_2803 IMG_20140422_220556b

Wednesday, 23rd April – 15 Months
Gio is 15 months old today.

My wife took him to the clinic. He now weighs 12.4 kg.


IMG_2817Thursday, 24th April


Gio enjoying some music

Gio enjoying some music


Sunday, 27th April
I took Gio outside to play and pushed him up and down in his car. He actually seemed to like it, and was pushing himself with his feet when I slackened. (The first time my wife had suggested we carry the car outside, I had expressed doubt that he would be interested in it).

IMG_2932 IMG_2965

I went with Gio to a friend’s wedding committee meeting. As can be expected, he was walking up and down with me on his tail. He seemed to enjoy climbing up a speed bump in the compound. Later, a group of three or four young people were saying his hairstyle is good.

He fell asleep on the drive back home, so when we got home I sat in the car till he woke up. We found my wife outside and Gio let out a shout of delight upon seeing her.


14th to 20th April 2014 – Cartoons, Cups and Cops

Monday, 14th April 2014
My wife wanted to go walk in a nearby field instead of her usual skipping. Gio and I went with her. Gio was excited to keep crossing the drainage that ran across the road.



Later, when being dressed, Gio found the brush with which I have brushed his hair maybe three or four times in his life. He actually put the brush to his hair.

Tuesday, 15th April – Cartoons
While watching a nursery rhymes video, there was the sound of a sheep bleating in Baa Baa black sheep. Gio imitated the sound. I told my wife and she said he usually does that.

Gio seems to have tired of the nursery rhymes. When I put it for him, he complained. I put one that we had not played for a while. He watched in silence.

The nanny was feeding Gio while (she was) watching TV. Gio was whining a lot. I asked why he was whining. She said she didn’t know, maybe he wanted to get off his feeding chair. I did not believe her. Gio was making no effort to get off the chair.
“Put for him his video,” I said.
She did.
The whining stopped when the nanny turned off the TV programme, even before his video started playing. Gio sat silently in his chair and watched the video.

My wife was not in the house when Gio’s bedtime came. The nanny changed and dressed him and I put him to bed and he cried a bit. Then he started making pooping sounds. He slept. I spoke to my wife and told her I thought Gio had pooped. Should I change him? She said, yes, he likely won’t wake up. I should just change him on the carpet. So I lifted Gio, put him on the changing cloth on the carpet. He had indeed pooped. He was drifting in and out of sleep, but generally slept through it.

Wednesday, 16th April

Chilling like a boss

Chilling like a boss

Thursday, 17th April
My wife suggested we cary Gio’s car outside for him to ride it there. I said he would not be interested. Turned out he was interested.


Good Friday, 18th April – Broken Cup
My wife, Gio and I went to visit a friend. Gio, as usual, was happy to walk up and down. There was mostly someone following him about to avoid/prevent trouble. At one point, my feet were cold. I voiced this. Four of us adults concerned ourselves with covering my feet with a shawl.

IMG_2686We heard a crash. Gio had walked to the kitchen, opened a cupboard and dropped a cup to the floor. So much for adult supervision. I think this is Gio’s first ever breakage.

Saturday, 19th April – Cop Station
We were on our way to visit a relative. A policeman flagged us down along Waiyaki Way. He asked for my driving licence. He asked me to step on the brake. Your brake lights are not working. He directed us into the police station. Dear Lord, I prayed, please get us out of this mess. My car key was taken. I got booked. 5,000 cash bail he said. The three of us stood around.
We made a call to a magistrate friend of ours. She made a call or two. The cop in the office called my name. The boss has asked me to help you, he said, giving me back my licence and tha car key.
Phew! Thank you Lord. We immediately went and replaced the brake lights at a cost of about 200/- including labour.

Sunday, 20th April
I carried Gio in his carrier so that he could fall asleep. I then put him in his cot. I thought the carrier would make him uncomfortable, so I decided to pull it off. This was not a smooth process, but stayed asleep, rather to my surprise.

Our Marriage Enrichment Group was meeting at our house today. When the first couple arrived with their daughter who is about six months older than Gio, Gio seemed rather excited to see her. He made sounds and was pointing at the video that was playing.

They two of them kept walking up and down and the child gate was put to good use.


07th to 13th April 2014 – Knife And Camel Milk

Tuesday 8th April 2014


Wednesday, 9th April
Bought camel milk for Gio’s cereal. 500ml is 150/-, that is about thrice the price of cow milk.

Thursday, 10th April
Now Gio has a rash on his cheeks. Only one day after giving him camel milk (assuming the milk is the problem). Maybe his body doesn’t like any milk apart from mama’s milk.

See the 3rd lower tooth?

See the 3rd lower tooth?


Friday, 11th AprilKnife
I came home. My wife was skipping downstairs. I got into the house and found Gio with a knife. He had dropped it on the carpet. The nanny had been cutting vegetables and had left it there on the table while she went to the kitchen. I took the knife and called the nanny. Later, I told my wife (the nanny’s boss). Boss reprimanded her.

Saturday, 12th
Went to a friend’s house. Gio enjoyed walking up and down the corridor.


Sunday, 13th April


31st March to 6th April 2014 – I Want TV!

Monday, 31st March 2014
My wife came back from her trip.
She fed Gio Cerevita cereal. When he had finished it, he let out a cry of protest, wanting more. The nanny asked my wife how much she had given, and my wife indicated. That’s too little, the nanny said. They gave him a little more.

Later, Gio was all cranky.
He’s hungry, I said.
And the way he’s eaten lot’s of cereal! my wife replied.
When his food was brought, it Gio took to it with gusto.

Tuesday, 1st April
While feeding Gio, my wife placed the TV remote control on the floor. The TV was off. Gio started whining and pointing at the remote. When she picked it up and turned on the TV, he stopped whining.

Thursday, 3rd April


Saturday, 5th April
Some family friends, my wife and Gio went to the pool. Gio was unafraid of the water this time.


Sunday, 6th April
“Gio does better with his left hand than his right – feeding himself, picking up small things” said my wife.
My wife was getting out of the house. Gio moved towards the door and made sounds, wanting to get out as well.
“Gio likes getting out,” said my wife. When she left without him, Gio cried for a few seconds.
“Nowadays Gio shakes his head when he does not want something.”
“Why do I keep telling you the developments? Where are you?”

24th to 30th March 2014

Monday, 24th March 2014
Gio’s uncle Sammy visited.

IMG_2183Wednesday, 26th March


Saturday, 29th March
Gio can climb onto the couch, after which he stands on it.
He has also learnt to pull down the barrier that confines him to the living room.

He sometimes makes sounds similar to words spoken to him.

Sunday 30th
Nanny’s day off. Gio and I alone. Day went pretty well. This time I gave him water, unlike last time.

Found Gio adjusting the volume on the amplifier below the TV.

Remember I told you Gio stands up from the floor without first kneeling?


The kind of things that fascinate Gio...

The kind of things that fascinate Gio…

17th to 23rd March 2014 – Pyjamas and Toothbrush

Monday, 17th March 2014


Tuesday, 18th March

Tooth brush by itself 200/-
Toothpaste by itself 110/-
Value pack 200/-

IMG_2074Wednesday, 19th


Friday, 21st March
Gio was rolling on the floor

Saturday, 22nd March
Gio was dressed in pyjamas for the first time
Drinking from a straw

IMG_2124 IMG_2120

Sunday, 23rd March
The rash on Gio’s face is rather noticeable.
My wife attempted to brush Gio’s teeth. Gio attempted to hold the brush himself.