25th to 26th June – Case of the Missing Diapers

25th June 2013
Some friends who visited a while back brought us a packet of the largest size of diapers. We have not used them. They are now missing. There are four people who live here – my wife, me, Gio and the nanny…

Meanwhile, it is 28 days to the start of Gio’s weaning. I went to the supermarket and looked at the first foods available. Some seemed to have too many man-made ingredients, such that I thought maybe we should make just most of the food ourselves.

For the record, the pictures shown on the post mentioning the baby shoot are NOT the photos Japho (the photographer) took.

IMG_2015Wednesday, 26th June 2013
My wife asked the nanny to look for the diapers. Later, the nanny said she did not find them. My wife implied that then she must have taken them. The nanny denied passionately and said she would not do such a thing. My wife sort of believed her, but the diapers are simply not there. Or at least we don’t know where they are.
[UPDATE: For the record, Gio’s nanny does quite a good job and my wife and Gio like her]

Gio was cranky. My wife thought his gums were causing discomfort. She put her curled finger in his mouth for him to gnaw. He was calm for a while doing that. She then transferred the task to me. It felt a bit weird. After a while, he started fussing again.

IMG_2072I resorted to what usually works for me: I stood up while carrying him. He stopped fussing and was now staring at my wife and smiling at her when she paid him attention and talked to him. I said she was his superstar.

A second person commented on the Rotavirus post and said we paid too much for the vaccine. Should be about KShs. 2,800/-

IMG_204727 days to the start of weaning.


8 thoughts on “25th to 26th June – Case of the Missing Diapers

  1. Wean him with local foods, smashed (or is it mushed) matoke, potatoes etc..

    Sorry about the case of the missing diapers, hate the mistrust something like that can create.

    I think I paid about 3,000 per dose (2 doses) for the rotavirus at Mater.

    Putting a finger in his mouth is a weird way to calm him but if it works, go for it 😀 J also loves being carried around, if you sit down he starts to cry!

  2. Savvy, putting a finger in his mouth is weird but its advised in some books, really helps when babies are teething. We can see some white on Gio’s lower two teeth and I think the gums are swollen so he’s been a bit of work, with difficulty in feeding.
    Meanwhile with the nanny I just decided to give her a second chance, I am a big believer in second chances, I am thinking maybe she had a moment of weakness as we all do in various ways, so now that she knows I keep tabs on items lets see how it goes. She’s also very good with the baby and us in general. Been considering a nanny cam for a while though . . . .

  3. Yay. Weaning is exciting by the way. Do not buy the supermarket baby food other than cerelac or milupa. Its cheaper and fun to make his food yourself, that way you’re sure of what you are giving him. Visit www. wholesomebabyfoods.momtastic.com, really helpful in addition to what the paedatrician recommends as well. My little girl loves mashed sweet potatoes sweet and healthy all she way. Just three more weeks to go for you guys all the best. As for the diaper pole. Give nanny another chance as she’s doing a great job with Baby G who’s very cute by the way. Sorry for the long commentary 🙂

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