25th to 27th May 2013

25th May
My wife went with Gio to a chama (investment club) meeting.

IMG_053926th May
Went visiting
Gio now twists his body to turn to his left when placed on his back.(He used to twist to his right more or less exclusively).

IMG_0703 IMG_0669

The medicine is working quite well. The boils are going away.

27th May

IMG_0766 IMG_0764


22nd to 24th May 2013 – 4 Months

22nd May 2013

IMG_046123rd May – Four Months

Gio turned four months today, by date of birth. Or 120 days. Or 17 weeks and one day.
Thanks to all of you who stalk read this blog and make comments.

We took him to the paeditrician to look at the boils he has.

Gio sitting

Gio sitting

She said that once he has broken skin as caused by eczema, then such things happen. We also told her about the ringworms.
She asked what medicine was prescribed for him and we showed her.
She immediately said we should not give him the tablets, that they are very toxic for the liver.
She said that that medicine is only prescribed if there are fungal infections in places that are hard to reach,such as under the fingernails.
She did not seem very convinced that Gio had ringworms. She seemed to think it was just eczema.

I asked if there was serious danger and she said if we have given for about two weeks and he is not showing signs of jaundice then it’s not too late.

Naturally, I later Googled and found that antifungal medicine can indeed damage the liver, but that is not common. The medicine in this case was Griseofulvin 125mg.
I also found that ringworms take very long (several weeks) to be done away with. My wife had been told that but I had not thought it takes that long.

She prescribed other medicine to apply for the boils, and also some oral medicine.

At the doc's

At the doc’s

24th May



19th to 21st May 2013

Sunday, 19th May 2013

Another boil under Gio’s chin 😦

We were going for a Marriage Enrichment Group meeting.
Another couple from the group came to the car and took Gio away as we prepared to join them.

Some minutes later, we heard intense crying and the man brought Gio back.
I think he (Gio) was hungry and did not like hanging out with strangers away from his parents.
I felt a bit sorry for our friends. They must have been a bit disturbed having a baby crying so much in their hands.

IMG_0337My wife (and I) spent some time putting up things for Gio’s visual stimulation.

One of the walls

One of the walls

20th May 2013

Went to the Birth Certificate place.
Found many more people than on previous visits. This time I reached around 2:15 p.m. so that may have something to do with the larger crowd.
I was directed to a certain counter.
Queued for a few minutes and gave in my receipt.
Not ready, I was told.
When can I come back?

IMG_040821st May 2013

When I was Googling for the post on how much breastmilk Gio should take, I asked my wife how much milk she normally expresses.
She said about 100ml to 150ml on each side and that the lactation lady said that when the baby breastfeeds, he gets more.
My wife also said that breastfeeding on one side is normally enough for Gio.


16th to 18th May 2013

16th May – The ‘Fall’

Gio has a seat that we sometimes place him on. It has a strap/belt but we rarely use it.

IMG_9874The nanny left him on the  seat in the living room. He was making his usual noises.
I went to the sitting room and found he had slipped off the chair and was positioned with his head down while his hip and butt were still on the seat. He was just there, silent.
I called the nanny to see, lifted and carried Gio and he seemed none the worse and resumed making noise.

IMG_022017th May 2013

IMG_024618th May 2013

Gio has a boil on his neck/shoulder. 😦

Nowadays he cries quite intensely in the morning. This seems to happen when he wants to sleep after feeding.

IMG_0282 IMG_0277

13th to 15th May 2013 – Too Much Milk?

13th May 2013 – Too Much Milk?

My wife went to work. Gio was crying and I found a bottle of about 210ml of breastmilk in one of his bottles.
I fed it to Gio and he took it in one go, interrupted only to burp.
He brought back up a little bit of it after.

My wife was shocked that I had given all that milk to the boy.

So I went to the Net to find out how much breastmilk Gio should be taking.
Some web sites said that the rule is a baby should take an average of 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour.
It seemed this was one of those rules of thumb. I’d never heard it.
It also seemed that the baby’s weight did not matter in this. In fact, this article says that ‘Current breastfeeding research does not indicate that breastmilk intake changes with baby’s age or weight between one and six months.’
I was a bit surprised by that.

At least one other site said 2.5 ounces per pound of body weight in 24 hours.
Some conversion translates this to 163ml per kilo of bodyweight.
Apparently an ounce is about 30ml (29.57ml). I think it is a bit surprising that I had never known this.

Anyway, further searching led me to this link.
The link led me to a World Health Organisation document which said that a child who weighs more than 2.5 kg ( and is unable to breastfeed on his own) should be given 150ml per kilo of body weight.
This was similar to the guideline of 2.5 ounces per pound of body weight.

So, going by the WHO figure, at 8.5 kilos, Gio should be taking about 1,275ml a day.
If he feeds 8 times a day, he should take about 160ml per feed.

IMG_013314th May 2013 – Birth Certificate, Sitting

Went to the Birth Certificate place.
I collected the document I had filled last time I was there.
The column marked for official use had been filled.
I was told to pay 90/-, which I did and was given a receipt.
I was told to come back on 20th.


Gio can sit for a short while when propped up

IMG_0188 15th May 2013  – Bucket List

I spent some minutes cutting the labels off Gio’s vests, coz (we think) they tend to scratch him.
The clothes were labelled 6M.

[Forgot to bring the pics. Sorry]

My wife and I were watching TV. There was an advertisement for TED talks that show on the channel that we were watching.
“A friend of mine has a bucket list,” I said.
“One of the things on it is that she wants to attend a TED talk.”
“What is a bucket list?” my wife asked.
“It’s a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.”
“Like in that movie The Bucket List?”
“Yes. The one with Morgan Freeman and that white guy.”
“That white guy? He is quite famous!”
“No he is not.”
“Yes he is. He is as well known as Morgan Freeman.”
“No, he is not. You don’t even know his name!”
“I do! It’s just slipped my mind.”
“You don’t know it coz he is not really famous.”
“He is always being shown on TV on boats with young ladies.”
Jack Nicholson?”
“Jack Nicholson was not in that movie.”
“He was. Do you want to bet?”
“What’s at stake?”
“One week of fetching the baby from his cot whenever he wakes up at night to feed.”
“Ok. And if I win I will be free to refuse to fetch him at any time for a week. And the bet is that he was in a starring role, not some guy who has a small bit.”
So we bet.
My wife revealed that she had actually watched the movie!
She says she revealed this before we actually bet.

A Google search quickly showed that indeed Jack Nicholson had starred in the movie. In fact, one site even named him before Morgan Freeman!
My wife also says that the bet was for two weeks, because she suggested we make it two weeks and I did not object.
I said she can’t change the terms of the bet after the fact and by herself.

07th to 9th May – Weight Gain Rate

07th May

08th May
Clinic visit day.
Gio weighed in at 8.5 kilos. Growth rate in the last month seems to have been lower than before.
4 weeks ago, he was 11 weeks (77 days) old, and weighed 7.7 kilos, which is 3.7 kilos more than his weight at birth.
His rate of gain was averaging (3,700 divide by 77) = 48 grams a day.
8.5 kilos minus 7.7 kilos is 800 grams in 28 days which averages 28.5 grams a day.

Two jabs. One on each thigh. Gio’s mother left the room in order not to witness the jabs.

We went to see the doctor about the pinworms.
These are not pinworms, she said. These are ringworms.
The other doctor said they were pinworms.
He told you ringworms
No, we said ringworms and he said pinworms
She prescribed other medicine.

Gio was put to bed awake. He talked for a while then slept.

IMG_9879 IMG_985509th May
Some time in the night, I heard Gio making sounds by himself.
I presume it was early morning.
Gio woke up about 6:30 a.m.
My wife is pleased that the transition to falling asleep on his own seems to have worked without much fuss.

She put him to bed around 9:35 p.m.
He cried for maybe 10 minutes until she came and picked him and breastfed him.
She put him to bed again, but he started crying quite loudly.
She went into the bedroom and there was silence.
She came back out and said he had a big burp. (I find that phrase funny).

There was silence.
Is he asleep, she asked?
I went to check and saw he was awake.

He fell asleep on his own after that.