9th to 12th Feb 2013

09th Feb

Woken up by sounds of the baby crying. My wife got up to attend to him. I thought it was still early, seeing that I had not heard the baby crying earlier. Turned out it was about 5:40 or so! meaning he had slept for maybe 4 hours or more.

I was going for an early morning meeting. My wife asked me to buy a second bottle of Tommy Tippee. 150ml one was 445/- 260ml was 480.
Seeing that currently, Gio was arguably supposed to be taking 150ml of formula per feed, I figured the 150ml one would soon be too small for him.

Went for a wedding.


10th Feb

How much formula?

Naturally I turned to Google.
Babycentre.com said 2.5 ounces per pound of bodyweight. There was a link to babycenter.co.uk. I decided to check that for metric units. It said between 150ml and 200ml per kg of bodyweight per day.

First bath from grandma. There was a bit of crying (by Gio, not Grandma).
Meanwhile, Gio has not pooped since the day before yesterday.

IMG_6326  IMG_6364

11th Feb

Gio rolled over from his back to his tummy. According to various web sites, he should only be able to do that at around 3 or 4 months!


12th Feb

12022013(002) IMG_6398Yes, Gio sleeps a lot


05th to 08th Feb 2013

05th Feb 2013

Having tired of the manual breast pump, my wife went and got electric one from a friend.
Meanwhile, Gio’s umbilical cord remains fell off. His navel looks weird, like something is outside that shouldn’t be.

IMG_5926 IMG_5965

06th Feb

“Is the elecric pump faster or just more comfortable?”
“It’s faster and gives more. I think it drains the breast more effectively than a manual pump.”


The Book! The one Gio’s Aunty gave us


07th Feb


08th Feb

I asked my wife to contribute to the blog:
“First and foremost, just for the record, all the mother wants to do is sleep. The day started hazily with cries from the cot. After trying unsuccessfully to sleep, a phone call came in, and before it was over, I had a surprise visit from my mum. And thus, sleep went.”
Ok, she said I remove the First and foremost.
She was also to say more later.
But yes, Gio’s grandma arrived.

Bought new tin of Cow and Gate. Both Uchumi and Tusky’s sell it at 1/- cheaper than Nakumatt.



2nd, 3rd, 4th Feb : Electrifying Prices

Saturday, 2nd Feb 2013


Gio attended his first wedding. Or reception.


Ben10 is everywhere nowadays

Ben10 is everywhere nowadays

Sunday, 3rd Feb


Monday, 4th Feb

(I think this happened on 4th Feb)
(I realised later I did not take any photos of Gio on this day! 😦 )

To Biashara Street to check electric breast pump prices.
Wife tired of the manual pump.

Electric pump 11,000/-, said the Kenyan
12,000/- said the Indian in the same shop.

Another shop: 9,500/- for Medela, 15K for Avent
Manual pump is 1,500/- to 4,000/-.

Baby monitor 7-8K
Maybe I should buy those toy walkie-talkies instead.

Bell Castor oil not available in the 3 or so Chemists’ I checked.

Something I did not mention earlier: On 26th Jan, we asked a friend to buy for us Milton tablets. These are used to sterilise stuff. You put one tablet in 5 litres of water, then you put in washed feeding bottles etc in the solution to sterilise them. You can use the bottles etc after 15 minutes. The solution is good for 24 hours.

English: AVENT isis breast pump breastfeeding ...

English: AVENT isis manual breast pump breastfeeding breast milk expression Nederlands: AVENT isis borstkolf borstvoeding moedermelk afkolven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday 31st Jan

I was sent to the supermarket to buy, among other things, castor oil (cream?) for nappy rash. I arrived at the supermarket minutes before closing time, and as I was walking in the supermarket, I was stepping where the staff were cleaning.

I felt a bit guilty about that.

“The counters are about to close,” I was told.

I went to the counter then remembered the castor oil. I asked someone where it was.

He led me to where the oil was supposed to be. We again walked through aisles that were being cleaned.

The castor oil is finished, I was told.

Walk back again feeling guilty.

Moral of the story: Go to the supermarket in good time.

Gio’s pictures will be up next week. Sorry.


Supermarket (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

30th Jan – Day Out III – Shopping

Left the house around 1:00 p.m.
Drove to Smart Baby. It was drizzling. The guard at the gate said we park outside the court. We said we had a baby with us. He said he is not allowed to let visitors'(?) cars in. We called Smart Baby and asked the lady to just come out with the clothes we pick some. She came with an umbrella instead. The drizzle was slight now, so we parked outside the gate and walked in. Went up to the house where Smart Baby operates from and were shown to where the clothes were.

The room was full of clothes! Full! The were stacked in the wardrobes, hanging from racks in the room etc. Full! There was no way the lady would have come with some for us to pick as we had asked. We picked some nice rompers and left. I wanted rompers because they are long sleeved and would keep Gio’s arms covered.

Drove to the Junction. Bought nipple shields from Baby Shop at the Junction.
Asked if there was a photo studio in the building. Directed upstairs. Printed photos for 25/- a piece. At Karen it’s 50/- a piece for few copies (less than 10 I think).

Went back home to await Gio’s visitors – my wife’s colleagues.