23rd to 28th Feb

Saturday 23rd Feb
Amor met her brother Gio
She found his name difficult and kept forgetting it.


Sunday 24th Feb


Monday 25th Feb

Gio’s first day without his parents


Tuesday 26th Feb

Visit to paeditrician for general checkup
Her scale said Gio weighs 5.8 kg
The Dr said we should wean him off formula
She also said he has eczema, inherited.


Wednesday 27th Feb

Nose congested
Nose drops


Thursday 28th Feb



Some Housekeeping

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18th to 20th Feb – Weighty Matter

18th Feb

I fired the house help. There will be a blog post about that on my other blog.
My wife went to see the lactation specialist.
I will write a separate post about what the specialist said after I get the info.
(Sorry for the incomplete stuff. I want to clear the backlog so that I can be posting more recent stuff)

19th Feb

New tin of formula. (I’m supposed to be tracking usage)


20th Feb – Weight
We gave 160ml of expressed milk, which he finished, but was still showing the rooting reflex.
We added 90ml of formula and that is when he slept.
We should see the paeditrician!

I had weighed myself while carrying Gio and then subtracted my own weight, to arrive at his weight.
“Please weigh yourselves with the baby so we can have an additional opinion”Β  I said.

Later: “We need to go to the paeditrician! This boy is 6 kilos!”
6 kilos at under a month is a lot. That represents a 2 kilo gain in 4 weeks.

According to this article http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/infant-growth/AN01654 and this one: http://kidshealth.org/parent/growth/growth/grow13m.html, a newborn should gain about 30 grams a day or about 200 grams a week maximum. So in 4 weeks, Gio should have gained a maximum of (30g x 28 days = ) 840 grams.
Gio has gained 2kilos (2,000 grams)!

You have a problem with my weight?

You have a problem with my weight?

Your baby will want between 150ml and 200ml of formula per kilogram of his body weight per day.

Gio displeased with being in the car seat

Gio displeased with being in the car seat

17th Feb – Night Out

Blackout at home.
Wife needed to express milk at night. Decided she and Gio were to spend the night at a friend’s.

Yes, Gio does open his eyes :-)

Yes, Gio does open his eyes πŸ™‚

Received email from a friend who reads this blog. She had read about our milk production problems and wrote to recommend a certain lactation specialist to help with those issues.
We already had an appointment with the very same specialist. Apparently she is well known for her good work. However, I really appreciated the kindness of the friend.

16th Feb – Pump Parts and Grandparents

The valves for the Medela pump are actually available for purchase – 6 pieces available for 900/=
Baby drank 90+60ml of formula

As usual after a while he cried some more. Made more formula. Drank maybe 10ml and slept. (Remember, the remainder needs to be discarded ‘without hesitation’)
IMG_6492I realised that I had never seen Gio laugh. I had seen a few smiles, but experts say that those are caused by gas, not happiness.
I guess eating is very serious business.

My wife expressed over 400ml of breastmilk.
Gio, All you can eat is back. Now bigger and better and organic.


Click on pic for bigger version

My wife said a tin of Cow and Gate costs 700/= on Biashara Street, and that is before bargaining. She did not buy because she did not know how much it was at the supermarket (which is about 795/-).

Visits by my wife’s sister and her partner.
Visit by my dad, uncle and aunts.
Click below for short video πŸ™‚

13th to 15th Feb – Car Seat Etc

13th Feb

Went to Nakumatt.

I had told my wife I would estimate the price of a baby car seat to be about 15k
She said maybe 4k

Car seat is 12,995/-

14th Feb


Gio took 90ml of formula then another 60ml

15th Feb


Click on pic to see bigger version

Opened new tin of formula

Wife’s workmates visited again. Brought car seat! and giant packs of Huggies.

Breast pump not working. Valve is loose.
Tried the manual pump and decided against using it.

Buy new pump?
At 15K, for 7 months of breastfeeding works out to about 2k a month
or 70/- a day
Would you hire a pump for 70/- a day?
Sounds reasonable

But even if we were to buy a new pump, we would still need to return the one we borrowed in good condition.
So we needed to look for parts if we could.