28th Jan 2013 – Formula One

We noticed some reddish-pink spots in Giovanni’s diaper
Could they be from his umbilical cord?
The position of the spots suggested otherwise. I thought he may have gotten injured on his weewee at some point.
We decided to visit the paeditrician who had attended to Gio while at the hospital. And while attending to the wound, I thought we might as well get Gio circumcised on the Biblical 8th day when immunity (or something) is said to be highest.

We needed cash to pay the paeditrician. I thought I had seen an Equity Bank near the paeditrician’s clinic. We went to the clinic, got registered and sat to wait. I went downstairs and out of the compound and went to see if the bank was where I thought I had seen it. The bank was indeed there but no ATM.
An option was to walk all the way back to the ATM at Hurlingham and back, a total distance of about 1.3km. I decided against it, hoping the clinic would be able to swipe the card.

Inside her office, the paeditrician opened the diaper and there was even more colour than before. Good thing we saw this here and not at home.
The paeditrician said Gio needs a repeat Vitamin K injection, but she did not have it at the moment. She also said something unclear about crystallisation. She did not quite finish what she was saying. She said she would order vitamin K injections and we could come back the next day.

As for the concentrated pee and little poop, she said the issue was not enough milk. Her view was further strengthened by the amount of milk my wife had expressed while there in the office. That is too little, she said.

She weighed Gio and said he had lost 400g from his birth weight. This did not suprise me, since I had read that babies lose weight a few days after birth and started regaining it after the fifth day.
The doc said we should try Cow and Gate infant formula to supplement breastmilk for the time being.

We asked about circumcision and were told it costs about KShs 20,000/-! (Non-Kenyan readers, please hold on a few moments for some perspective, but if you want a simple conversion, that would be about US$232).

The Equity bank card did not swipe. To my surprise, the lady at the reception said You can pay tomorrow when you come for the injection.
What if we decided to just go away and not come back?


Cow and Gate infant formula

We got Cow and Gate at Nakumatt for KShs. 795/- per 400g tin. (So the circumcision would cost the same as 25 tins of formula).
We could not see nipple shields on the shelves. So we asked an attendant.
“Nibble sealed?” he asked. “Yes, naijua.” (‘I know it’).
He did not find it either.
We left without it.
Now, the formula had some interesting instructions on the tin. (Would a packet not cost less than a tin?)
The feeding guide had five columns:
The first was the age of the infant. The second had approximate weight, the third had feeds per day, the fourth had amount of water per feed and the last had the number of scoops of formula to add to the water. (We had to dig out the scoop from inside the formula).
The rows started with the lowest age and weight range, and went up row by row up to six months.
In the first row, age 0-14 days, the weight shown was 2.5 to 3 kilos and the water to use was 60ml.
Gio was in that age range, but his weight at birth was 4kilos. That weight would land him either in the 2 months or 3 months age range.
Even with the reduced weight that the doc had weighed, he was still in the 2 months age range, which had 120ml of water specified.
So, were we to go by weight, or by age? Use 60ml because the child is 0 to 14 days old, or 120ml because the child is between 3.5 and 4kg?
Also, the tin instructed that Feed should be prepared just before the meal and consumed within half an hour.
It also said ‘Discard unfinished feeds without hesitation’
So we could not use 120ml then keep what remains for later.

We decided to go the conservative way and to go by age. So we used 60ml of water.


11 thoughts on “28th Jan 2013 – Formula One

  1. I don’t know why they call it Cow and Gate, the need a better name for that formula! P.S. Tell your wife to try Njahi, I hear they increase milk production exponentially (really, try them.)

    I was also thinking of circumcising my son soon after birth.. 20K? And then poor boy will he be feeling pain every time he pees? And will he be wearing nappies for that entire week he’s healing? Decisions, decisions..

  2. Wow! Fenugreek works! @savvykenya, better to do it right after birth and yes, he will be wearing diapers after that and he won’t feel pain and you just have to clean it. He will heal so fast you will not notice. Ksh 20000 sounds so steep. We paid $100 here

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  6. Fenugreek works! I’ve been able to express enough milk for my baby and breast fed her for six months. However fenugreek runs out of stock really fast.

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