24th to 27th November 2013 – No Weight Gain

24th November 2013
I was again left with Gio as my wife went to pick her mum and run a few errands. No major drama.

IMG_8052M and S visited (I hope years from now we will still know what the initials mean! 😀 But we have pictures)

25th November 2013
Gio seems to prefer to have me carry him than sit with his grandma. So I still win some 🙂

IMG_8074My wife’s mum said Gio stood independently today.

IMG_8075I was left alone with Gio when my wife drove my mum to her bus.

26th November 2013

IMG_8104Gio usually smiles when he sees himself in the mirror.

Sometimes (when he cries?), Gio rubs his nose repeatedly like this:

27th November 2013 – Clinic – No Weight Gain
Clinic day. I was to go alone with Gio. My wife suggested that we turn Gio’s car seat to face forward, so that Gio can see me while seated. I refused. She said he would cry if we don’t. I still refused.
Off we went. Gio did not cry. He sat a while then slept. In fact, when we reached the clinic, I sat in the car and waited for him to wake up.

IMG_8129Gio’s weight is still 10.7 kg. I checked the scale myself. Nurse was a bit concerned, but reminded herself and me that even at 10.7kg, he is still above normal weight. She asked how many times a day Gio is fed and I did not know! She said maybe he is being fed less than before, hence the decrease in the rate of weight gain. I said I think he is being fed as expected, but we would monitor. I also said he is quite active.
(I was told he is fed five(?) times a day, not counting breastfeeding)

Maybe we should increase Gio’s portions or change the content of his meals.



Growth Photos


21st to 23rd November 2013

21st November 2013

Gio has stopped crying so much when having his diaper changed. In fact, a lot of the time he is fairly quiet or playful.

IMG_7789 IMG_7800 IMG_781122nd November 2013

A cousin of ours will be wedding tomorrow. Went for a pre-wedding gathering at her place. At least one of my wife’s aunt’s seemed concerned that Gio has never been shaved since birth.
There is a tuft of hair on Gio’s head that he sometimes handles (see picture on 23rd). My wife said she hopes he does not pluck it off and eat it!

IMG_784423rd November 2013

Gio is 9 months old today. Went to wedding with him. He crawled on grass. Not sure he has done that before. I hope he does not itch too much come bath-time.

IMG_7910 IMG_7922The tuft of hair that Gio plays with is gone 😦
It got cut, said the nanny. (Yes, I asked her).

Alternative tuft found

Alternative tuft found

I should have been doing this maybe monthly:
– Gio now weighs 10.7kg at the last clinic visit (which I doubt a bit)
– He can cruise and stand on his own very briefly if made to
– No teeth yet


The next post will have pictures for comparison

18th to 20th November 2013 – Daddy Care, I Prefer Mummy

18th November 2013

IMG_7652It seems Gio sometimes waves as a sign of liking something or someone. For example, he may wave at someone who is not waving at him, or like this morning: He was sitting on our bed, then he looked around (at the mosquito net?) then he started waving. IMG_7674IMG_7667

IMG_765619th November 2013

Gio likes children. He gets excited when he sees them (or sometimes when he hears them) and stares at them and/or shrieks.

20th November 2013

Nanny said she had a toothache.
She left around 1:30 p.m. after feeding Gio
Gio slept in my arms at about 2:30 p.m.
I watched a movie.
He woke up at about 3:44 p.m.
My wife called and said I could feed him some fruit.
I grated some apple, washed Gio’s hands (with some effort, since I was carrying him with one arm) and tried to get him to feed himself, since he likes putting non-food things in his mouth. He didn’t feed himself the apple. So I spoon-fed him. (My wife later said it may have been because of the different way I had grated the apple).
My wife came home at maybe 5:25 p.m.

IMG_7733Gio does not like being left alone in the living room. When he realises he has been left alone, he usually cries in protest and moves towards the other rooms of the house where there are people, but the couch and some large cushions block his path. My wife, Gio and I were in the living room. My wife went to the kitchen, leaving Gio and I. Gio gave his usual cry of protest and moved to the couch. Apparently, my presence did not count.

17th November 2013 – Pool

17th November 2013

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Took Gio to the pool. He was okay for a while, but seemed scared after some time. Took him to the shower and he was scared of this strange water pouring from above.

16th November 2013 – Lake View

16th November 2013

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15th November 2013 – Trip

15th November 2013

Our Marriage Enrichment Group was traveling today. I woke up a bit too early, and Gio woke up at maybe 4:00 a.m. My wife woke up too, and Gio did not go back to sleep, and neither could we.

My wife said “He is keeping us awake now and he will get to sleep in the car.”

And that is exactly what happened.