23rd November 2014

Sunday, 23rd November 2014
Gio is 1 year 10 months old today. He will be turning two in two months time.

Hospital visit
We went to see our friend in hospital.


My wife went in first while I waited outside the ward with Gio.

Gio was running up and down the ramp and laughing when I ran after him (to catch him before he reached the stairs).
In one of the waiting areas, we found a boy of maybe six. There were three couches there. Two were one-seaters and between these was a two- (or maybe three-) seater. There was a gap of about a foot between the seats. The boy we found was somersaulting from one couch and landing on another. Gio was fascinated. He watched with a smile on his face and predictably, moved to one of the seats. I picked him up and took him away before he could get into any mischief, with him still looking at the boy. My wife later said that when she and Gio came to where that same boy was, Gio was still very fascinated.


22nd November 2014

Saturday, 22nd November 2014









The Jolly Roger
We arrived at The Jolly Roger at about 3:15 p.m.
As soon as I removed Gio’s diaper to put on his shorts, he peed.

He enjoyed playing with the water in the baby ‘pool.’ The place was quite empty (of people). This time he sat in the water.



When other children finally came and started playing in the bigger pool, Gio decided he wanted that one as well. he got out of the baby pool and walked towards the big pool again. I put my phone on the ground and ran to stop him.

Our friends from our Marriage Enrichment Group arrived with their two-year-old daughter. Gio watched closely as they put floaters on her. She then got into the bigger pool with her dad. Not wanting him to feel left out, we got him into the big pool as well.


After lunch, which he ate without a fuss, we went to the trampoline and finally the sand pit. Gio loves the sand pit.

When it was time to leave, I strapped him in his car seat and by drove off. By the time we reached the main road (five minutes after driving off) he was asleep.