15th To 21st September 2014 – Nanny Concerns 2

Tuesday, 16th September 2014
My wife bought Gio a toy phone, hoping to draw his attention from her own phone.

IMG_6321 IMG_6331Thursday, 18th September

Gio can slouch with the best of them.

IMG_6369The nanny normally sleeps in a room separate from our house. My wife and I were to leave early Friday morning, so my wife asked the nanny to sleep in Gio’s room, so as to be there when he wakes up.

Friday, 19th September – Nanny Neglect
The car we had borrowed for our early morning trip would not start, so we went back to the house to wait for the owner to help us out.
At about 8:30 a.m., (the nanny is supposed to start work at 7:00 a.m) my wife got out of our room. She found the nanny seated watching TV, having left Gio awake in his room. She had not even prepared his morning porridge and was not attending to him. She was watching TV, believing that we had left early in the morning. So what happens while we are both away? Is this how she neglects Gio? No wonder people buy nanny cams. No wonder also why some people decide not to buy nanny cams (to avoid actually knowing the unsettling things their nannies do). This is coming after the incidents of the bathroom fall and the burn mark.

Saturday, 20th September

Gio seems to find drainage fascinating

IMG_6403 IMG_6404Sunday, 21st September



8th to 14th September 2014 – Nanny Concerns

Tuesday, 9th September 2014


Playing with Mama

Rocking and Rolling

Playing rough.

Sunday, 14th September
My wife told me that she was with the nanny in the bathroom as the nanny washed Gio. Gio reached out to support himself on the wall.
“That means he has fallen while you are washing him,” my wife told the nanny.
“No he hasn’t,” she replied.
“So how come he does not reach for the wall when I am washing him?”
Just then, as my wife was there, Gio indeed fell! Not seriously, but he fell.

My wife, Gio and I went for a walk. We met some cows, and Gio decided to follow them for a while.

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I saw a mark at the back of Gio’s left hand and brought it to my wife’s attention.

IMG_6310The mark looks like a burn mark, the kind that would be caused by a hot metallic object such as a saucepan. My wife said she sometimes wonders if she should just let the nanny go. She – the nanny – is a bit careless.

1st to 7th September 2014

Monday, 1st September 2014
Gio’s surviving hair – that which he has not pulled out (and which was not shaved) – is actually quite long.


Hanging out with Mama.


Gio on a swatting mission.



Tuesday, 2nd September
There are some black marks on the TV screen. I asked the nanny about them and she seemed unaware of their existence. So things can happen in the house and she does not know?

Wednesday, 3rd September
I wiped off the marks that were on the TV screen using just wet tissue paper. Good thing it was that simple.

Gio imitates some of the sounds he hears on his videos

25th to 31st August 2014

Monday, 25th August 2014
Went for the 1st birthday bash for W, the son of one of the couples in our Marriage Enrichment Group.



Sunday, 31st August
There is this ride-on toy car that has been under the block stairs for a while. I think the owners moved out and left it there. The car has recently become popular among the kids on the block.
Gio had a few rounds riding in the car, pushed by me.



After that, we went walking a bit.

Then Gio sat a while.

Then back to the car.