16th Feb – Pump Parts and Grandparents

The valves for the Medela pump are actually available for purchase – 6 pieces available for 900/=
Baby drank 90+60ml of formula

As usual after a while he cried some more. Made more formula. Drank maybe 10ml and slept. (Remember, the remainder needs to be discarded ‘without hesitation’)
IMG_6492I realised that I had never seen Gio laugh. I had seen a few smiles, but experts say that those are caused by gas, not happiness.
I guess eating is very serious business.

My wife expressed over 400ml of breastmilk.
Gio, All you can eat is back. Now bigger and better and organic.


Click on pic for bigger version

My wife said a tin of Cow and Gate costs 700/= on Biashara Street, and that is before bargaining. She did not buy because she did not know how much it was at the supermarket (which is about 795/-).

Visits by my wife’s sister and her partner.
Visit by my dad, uncle and aunts.
Click below for short video 🙂


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