6th To 12th October 2014 – New Nanny

Monday, 6th October 2014 – New Nanny
My wife left early in the morning to go interview other possible nannies. The one we had considered earlier did not seem too keen on the job.

In the afternoon, my wife came home and told the current nanny that she is being replaced.

Later, she came back and drove the nanny to the bus stop and afterwards brought home the new nanny.

Tuesday, 7th October
Day one with the new nanny. My wife, of course, gave many instructions on how things are to be done.
Gio woke up at around 10:00 (just like yesterday). He did not seem concerned about this new person.
Eventually, my wife left for work, leaving me at home with Gio and the new nanny.

Wednesday 8th October


Wednesday or Thursday – ‘Technical Difficulties’
The nanny reported that she was unable to operate the TV. She pressed this and that but was unable to get to Gio’s videos.
Gio tried to rescue the situation. He pressed this and that on the TV, (and probably the power switch on the wall) gave the nanny the remote control, waited in vain for his videos to come on screen and finally resorted to playing with his toys.
When my wife came in after work, he immediately gave her the remote.

Friday, 10th October

My wife was out and I told the nanny that I would put Gio to sleep.
When it was about time and I wanted to put Gio to sleep, he protested and fled to the kitchen where the nanny was.
(It was a bit amusing and I found it noteworthy that he considers the new nanny a refuge. I guess that’s a good thing).
“Let me put him on my back and put him to sleep.”
“No, I will put him to sleep,” I told her “and we don’t want him to get used to being carried on the back at night so that he can sleep.”
A while later, she came to the living room where we were and again said she wants to carry Gio on her back and put him to sleep.
“No,” I said. “I will put him to sleep.”
Ama tungoje Mama.” (Or let’s wait for Mama).
(The nanny normally goes to bed at around 9:30)
“You will wait until she comes back?”
“What time is she coming back?”
Haijulikani.” (It is not known). “If she comes back at 11 you will wait until 11?”
“She is coming back at 11:00?”
Mwache nitamlalisha.” (Just leave him I will put him to sleep.)
I was a bit annoyed.
She eventually went to bed. I let Gio play a bit and watch his videos then eventually took him to his room and he slept without much fuss.

Saturday, 11th October
My wife said the nanny reported that the previous night Telo’s dad really insisted on putting the child to sleep – is he able to do that? My wife told her that when she is not there I normally do it.

Sunday, 12th October – Whose Food?
We went to Church and left Gio at the room for children his age. Some parents sit there with their children and there are also some volunteers who look after the children.
After the service, when my wife went back to pick him, he had crumbs on his cheeks.
One or more of the following must have happened:
Gio saw another child being given food and he
– drew near eyeing the food and the caregiver gave him some of the food
– went and leaned forward towards the food until either his mouth was on the food or the caregiver gave him some
– went and simply took the food (this is a bit unlikely but cannot be ruled out).



29th September to 5th October 2014

Monday, 29th September 2014


Saturday, 4th October
Back to Athi River for Mugi’s birthday party. He turned 3 recently.
There was a girl there, who turned out to be a month(?) younger than Gio. She called Gio “Baby.”
In case the points are not clear: 1) She speaks 2) She thinks Gio is a baby 🙂 Gio is physically bigger than her. But it is said girls talk sooner than boys, right?

Sunday, 5th October
After church, I was left with Gio while my wife went to attend to some business. I prepared his cereal and started feeding him. I played for him one of the kids’ apps on my phone, and he enjoyed it more than I had expected.

I had a meeting and Gio generally walked around. At some point, I carried him on my lap and he was relatively settled. After a while, he started fidgeting and struggling to get off. So I put him down, and he immediately went straight to a group of people sitting nearby who had just unpacked and were sharing some food. Part of me wanted to get him back, but I had no alternative food to offer. So I let him be given some cake, then I went to get him.
“She’s alright,” “You can let her stay” the people said. I didn’t bother to correct them.

27th And 28th September 2014

Saturday, 27th September 2014
Still at Athi River. Gio refused to have his cereal. I gave him some bread instead, despite the fact that he reacts to wheat. He happily ate the bread.

We went out to play. Gio was afraid of walking on the structure there necause of the gaps between the planks of wood. His mother had similar fears regarding a footbridge in town.




On our way back home, we stopped by some family friends’ house, to see the sister of the possible new nanny. This sister is the nanny to the said family friends. The possible new nanny is available. She and my wife will finalise details of her employment.

Sunday, 28th September

I took Gio out to play.

As usual, he spent some time examining things.




But also had time to run a bit.


25th And 26th September 2014 – Visiting, Watermelon!

Thursday, 25th September 2014

Nothing noted.

Friday, 26th September
We went to visit some friends in Athi River.

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Gio loves watermelon!

We were supposed to leave and go back home but our friend asked us to spend the night there. Gio shared a bed with my wife. He seemed quite excited at this new environment and would not sleep. My wife, of course, did not share his excitement. She wanted to sleep!

22nd to 24th September 2014 – Self-Feeding

Tuesday, 23rd September 2014
Gio is 20 months old today. That is one year and 8 months.
Gio was building a tower.
One piece was to be placed at an inconvenient height.

So he lifted off part of the existing tower, added the piece and placed back the joined pieces.


IMG_6467Wednesday, 24th September – Self Feeding
Feeding Gio can take very long (over one and a half hours on June 23-29). He retains food in his mouth and has to be urged to swallow. I have been telling my wife that we should let Gio be feeding himself. One problem is that he is allergic to some foods, so he can’t just eat whatever we are eating.

I was trying to feed Gio ugali and beans and he was resistant. My wife said it was because I had not put his video on and I was not talking to him and he does not like ugali. I put on his video and she talked to him and fed him a spoonful. I tried again and again to feed him and he kept turning away, pushing my hand away and protesting. Again and again. My wife tried again and he still resisted.
“Even at lunch time he ate like that,” said the nanny.
“I said I think we should give him food that he likes.”
My wife prepared some french fries/chips for him with tomato sauce and set the plate before him.
Gio stuffed his mouth with the fries. There was no more whining.

He was done with the food in less than 20 minutes!

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