13th to 15th Feb – Car Seat Etc

13th Feb

Went to Nakumatt.

I had told my wife I would estimate the price of a baby car seat to be about 15k
She said maybe 4k

Car seat is 12,995/-

14th Feb


Gio took 90ml of formula then another 60ml

15th Feb


Click on pic to see bigger version

Opened new tin of formula

Wife’s workmates visited again. Brought car seat! and giant packs of Huggies.

Breast pump not working. Valve is loose.
Tried the manual pump and decided against using it.

Buy new pump?
At 15K, for 7 months of breastfeeding works out to about 2k a month
or 70/- a day
Would you hire a pump for 70/- a day?
Sounds reasonable

But even if we were to buy a new pump, we would still need to return the one we borrowed in good condition.
So we needed to look for parts if we could.



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