22nd to 24th June 2013 – 5 Months!

22nd June 2013

Two of my wife’s sisters and later a cousin visited. There was a bit of sort of tossing of Gio in the air and some being put upside down.

IMG_1887IMG_1912I expected my wife to protest, but she did not. She later said that by around 4 months the baby’s neck is strong enough to handle some tossing.

IMG_184723rd June 2013 – Five Months!

Gio turned 5 months today.

Added some items to the Baby Bag Packing List:

  • Wipes
  • Powder
  • Jacket
  • Backup clothing item for mother

Went for a photoshoot at the Nairobi Arboretum with our friend Japho, a leading photographer in Kenya.
There was a lot of this:

IMG_1941Photography at the Arboretum costs 1,000/= (paid to Kenya Forestry Service). Of course the photographer’s fee is separate.

IMG_1927IMG_196124th June 2013

Gio often scratches himself. He was asleep. We remembered that my wife wanted to cut his nails while he was asleep.
He woke up just as she was about to start. I was given the task of entertaining him while she cuts his nails. It was challenging but I pulled it off.




Here is the video readers said I should put up.

19th to 21st June 2013

Wednesday, 19th June 2013Rotavirus
We decided to give Gio the Rotavirus vaccine.
He needs to get two doses before he reaches six months in age and the doses need to be 4 weeks apart, so there are time constraints.
Got the vaccine at the paeditrician’s. Given orally. 4,000/=

IMG_169020th June 2013

My wife dreamt that she was siting somewhere and a lady came to her with a certain man and started coochie-cooching Gio.
The lady asked to carry Gio, and my wife handed him over. Then the duo just walked off.
After waking up, my wife made a mental note not to hand over the baby to strangers.
That dream reminded us of a friend who was at the supermarket with his son, who was maybe 3(?) at the time. As he was paying at the till, he realised the boy was not with him any more. He saw a man carrying him away and he pursued. The man claimed he thought the boy belonged to someone else who was in the parking lot and was taking him to her!

IMG_175921st June 2013


16th to 18th June 2013

16th June 2013

IMG_1622bNowadays Gio likes pulling his lips into his mouth as he is doing above, and below

IMG_1636or here (from 06th June)


06th June

17th June 2013

Went to Uchumi Supermarket.
Johnson’s Baby Powder, 200g was marked Was 290/- Now 250/-
Cussons Baby Powder, 200g was 195/-!

Brush and comb set for 331/-
A rather small brush at that – maybe 3 inches and 1.5 inches at the widest point.
I did not buy it.

Milton’s tablets at 440/- per box
It is 350/- (May 30th) on Biashara Street!

Gio started saying ‘ba-ba’
Of course the mother tried to urge him to say ma-ma
He listened, and his response, naturally, was ‘ba-ba-ba’
We have a video but I get the impression that readers here do not watch the videos I put up.

IMG_164518th June 2013


13th to 15th June 2013

13th June 2013

Rash on Gio’s neck.
Applied some medicine.

IMG_1540 IMG_153114th June 2013

Gio was on his back and twisting to one side.
I gave him a nudge and he rolled neatly over to his tummy.
Then he started sort of banging his head on the mat he was on, but fortunately his hands were in the way.

Went to town and asked for aqueous cream at the pharmacy where we normally buy it at about 420/= (We gave away the one I bought recently).
The guy there said they did not have, but told me softly that I try KAM Pharmacy in the next building.
KAM had aqueous cream that they make themselves, not the one we normally buy, and I bought it there for 300/=!
That is nearly 30% cheaper than the usual place!

IMG_156115th June 2013


10th to 12th June 2013

10th June 2013

Still no electricity
I am quite annoyed. Things would have been much more inconvenient for us if we did not have somewhere where my wife could express and store Gio’s milk.

IMG_146511th June 2013

Went to hospital to see our friend that we saw on Wednesday.
She delivered on Friday, a boy of 3.88 kilos.
Electricity finally came back.

IMG_149112th June 2013

Gio's weight chart

Gio’s weight chart


07th to 09th June 2013

07th June 2013

Woke up to no power.
Told later that transformer got damaged.
Extended blackouts affect milk storage and expressing milk.

Fortunately, the landlord gives us power from a generator for a few hours each day.

Gio has started holding his feet/toes when put on his back

IMG_128908th June –  Political Will

Gio was fed but not sleeping yet, and was crying.
My wife had gone for a while to a friend’s place where there was electricity.
I rocked Gio for a while then put him to bed at about 9:53 p.m.
He went on crying.
I thought maybe he was hungry, so I tried to feed him but he rejected the bottle.
I put him to bed again and left the room..
He cried for a while then there was silence.
I thought he may have covered himself, so I went to check on him.

He resumed crying at greater intensity.
I left him again and by 10:15, he was asleep.

(My wife does not have the will to let Gio cry until he sleeps, or to employ such methods of sleep training)

IMG_132209th June 2013
Gio is outgrowing his cot.
IMG_1360Still no electricity.

My wife went to our friend’s house at around 2:00 a.m. to store milk and to express.
I could not go with her because she needed to express and someone needed to stay with the baby.

I realised nowadays i rarely post pics of Gio sleeping. Yes, he still does sleep.

I realised nowadays I rarely post pics of Gio sleeping. Yes, he still does sleep.