27th to 30th June – First Night Alone

27th June 2013

Went with Gio to a funeral meeting.

IMG_2087Friday, 28th June 2013 – First Night Alone
My wife and I wanted to go to a tribally themed night at a local restaurant. (Mulembe Night, for you Kenyans)
My wife had a laid out plan:
– Stock up on milk for the night. Check.
– Invite her sister B to be at hand to attend to and give milk to Gio if need be. Check.
– Put baby to sleep and exit the house
– Have a great time

We were coming from a funeral and we picked B near our house. So far, so good.

When we reached our place, B got out of the car with Gio and went to the house with him, while my wife and I remained to carry this and that.
We reached the house and found Gio crying. B was trying in vain to calm him.

I took him and he stopped crying.
I was a bit surprised. Gio usually looks at me with little interest. Ok, he occasionally gives me a spontaneous smile and may smile or laugh if I make effort.

He fussed a bit more after that and he was given part most of the milk that was meant for the night. He eventually slept and we left.
We came back home around 1:30 a.m. and found all was generally well.
Later, we were told that he had actually woken up soon after we had left and B had given him the remaining milk! Good thing my wife had not known that Gio was at home without any milk waiting for him.

That was the first time Gio remained at home at night with both of us away.

Why we need an Amazon :-)

Why we need an Amazon 🙂

29th June 2013 – Free Food 🙂

I went to the supermarket with Gio’s sister, who is 6 and a half years old. (She lives with her mother).
As usual nowadays, I went to the baby food section.
A lady approached us:
“We have an offer on this baby food. Buy one get one free. You can start this at 4 months. This one can start at 6 months. But if it’s for her” (indicating my daughter!), “I suggest something higher.”
Really? A 6 year old taking baby food?

I was thinking how I was not buying immediately, then the lady said:
“Offer will be on until end of July.”

Added the countdown to start of weaning to the blog.

Gio went with my wife to my wife’s chama (investment group) where the women, ten in number fuss over Gio. The kids of the other mothers were also around and they immediately started poking Gio. When asked, they said that Gio was a doll. My wife tried to stop them but surprisingly, Gio’s nanny was more firm with the boys, to my wife’s amusement.

Something I keep forgetting to say. If you spot any spelling mistake in(on?) the blog posts, do point it out. Thanks.

IMG_211230th June 2013

“If I was someone else,” said my wife, “I would probably feel jealous about the nanny.”
“When I am with the nanny and people ask about Gio, his development, whether he is now sitting and so on, she answers. She doesn’t seem to think that the questions are directed at me.”

Went to church and then to our marriage enrichment group meeting.
There was the 3-week-old baby I mentioned recently and the 11-month-old girl that we hanged out with a while back.
Gio weighs as much as the 11-month-old. But people say children lose weight when they start crawling and walking. We’ll see.

For the record, Gio’s nanny does quite a good job and my wife and Gio like her 🙂



5 thoughts on “27th to 30th June – First Night Alone

  1. it’s a good thing to like the nanny… Did you ever solve the case of the missing diapers?
    BTW (and only because you asked) there is a small typo on (in?) The second sentence, “my wife and I wanted to a tribally themed night” … Wanted to go? Wanted to attend? (It’s never that serious, but you asked LOL 🙂

    • LOLL! Hehehehe! I don’t know how I miss some of these things. I will fix that in a few. Thanks.

      The Case of the Missing Diapers remains unsolved 🙂

  2. Its amazing how much Nannies know about our own babies. My baby was sick last week and while at the doctors I realised (sadly) that I could only tell her all the symptoms the nanny had told me e..g. how many diaper changes, what time did the fever start etc. Sad 😦
    On another note, we gave our baby a haircut over the weekend….I miss his hair, he looks very different now. Dont cut Gio’s hair 🙂

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