01st to 03rd April – Unfair Advantage and Other Stories

1st April – Unfair Advantage
Having read that babies generally prefer higher-pitched voices, I was making sounds to Gio in a high-pitched voice.
A conversation similar to the following followed:
Me to Gio: “You like high-pitched sounds?”
Wife: “So mothers have been given higher voices”
Me: “Yes, they have been given an advantage. In addition to being given…”
Wife: “Boobs!” (Maybe she said “breasts”)
Me: “Yes. That is assuming they have high-pitched voices. Or higher pitched voices”

This voice thing was demonstrated on Sunday 14th April (Yes, marketing tactic).

Gio can follow objects or persons with his eyes.
You can actually see him looking at someone or something and following as the person or object moves.

2nd April
Is that a skin problem on Gio’s face like what is on his sister’s face?

My wife was going to see the dentist. Gio and I went with her. My wife went in to the treatment room. Moments later, a member of staff came out and told me that my wife would be there for an hour.

“Ok.” I said, not really having much choice.
I sat there holding Gio.
A lady sitting opposite us said “She is cute!”

“Thanks.” I responded, not bothering to say that ‘she’ is actually a boy.


What do you mean ‘she’?

Gio slept a bit, I think. After a while he started the build-up towards crying. I took the baby bag and went downstairs to the car. The said car is a Vitz. With the baby car seat on the back seat, there wasn’t much room to change Gio there.
The front seat had more space, but had two problems:
1) The seat was slanted towards the back so Gio would not be level
2) Putting him with his head towards the from would mean his face was in the sun, shining through the windscreen.
Thoughts: Get a bigger car. Like a Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon? Then changing space would be plenty.
I placed a shawl towards the back of the front seat to keep Gio’s head reasonably level, and placed him on the seat.
Gio likes being changed (or maybe it is being undressed) so he was generally happy.
After being changed, (fortunately, he had only peed) he started crying again. Now, Gio generally only cries for food, but that crying can be intense! as if someone is torturing him. It was the intense crying that he let out.
Ok, time to mix some formula. I looked for and found the sanitiser that is normally in his bag. There was a new tin of formula. I opened it.
Not surprisingly, the scoop was not visible.
I shook the tin to move the formula within the tin and reveal the scoop. Nothing.
Is the other tin here, so that I can use the scoop from that one?
I dug out the scoop with my (recently sanitised fingers).
Let’s hope the boy does not get unwell.
Meanwhile, the intense crying was going on and I was occasionally concerned that people around may wonder what was going on.
I mixed the formula and as usual, the crying stopped the instant I put the bottle to his mouth.
IMG_7956After the feeding, I carried Gio as I do most times – with him facing behind me over my left shoulder. I walked with him from the parking lot, into the building and up to the third floor (fourth, for you American readers).
He was asleep by the time we reached the dentist’s office.
My wife and the dentist came out a few minutes later.
“He is such a calm boy!” said the dentist.

I noticed the beating/pulsing on Gio’s head for the first time.

03rd April


English: Toyota Vitz

English: Toyota Vitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Toyota Land Cruiser photographed in Annapolis,...

Toyota Land Cruiser photographed in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Category:Toyota Land Cruiser 100 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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