August 2015

My wife’s colleague and our friend came with her daughter to stay with us for a while.

03rd August


10th August


12th August
Gio wanted to stay with/on the swing in the supermarket


19th August


23rd August



28th August


29th August
Wyse’s 2nd birthday party.

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19th to 25th May 2014

Wednesday, 21st May 2014
For some reason, when the video says ‘Peekaboo!’ and the children in the video cover their eyes, Gio covers his ears.

Though he’s on point on the clapping and touching his nose as instructed on the video 🙂


Thursday, 22nd May 2014

Gio’s mum got some second hand shoes for him at an online marketing site. The lady selling (I think she’s Russian) had a lot to say . . . ‘I have this Nike shoes, original, bla bla, I can only sell at KShs. 7,000, my boy really enjoyed them, I also have this original Reebok, I will sell this at KShs. 1,000 because they’re a bit more used’

Gio’s mum response, ‘I will take the Reebok’

KShs. 7,000 for a shoe that Gio will wear for two months? Thanks, but no thanks.

(For some perspective, KShs, 7,000 can buy a new medium-range baby car seat. Or can buy an adult pair of shoes for a man).


Sunday, 25th May 2014

Yeeeeh, Gio made it to church, it’s proven to be quite an event . . .




30th Jan – Day Out III – Shopping

Left the house around 1:00 p.m.
Drove to Smart Baby. It was drizzling. The guard at the gate said we park outside the court. We said we had a baby with us. He said he is not allowed to let visitors'(?) cars in. We called Smart Baby and asked the lady to just come out with the clothes we pick some. She came with an umbrella instead. The drizzle was slight now, so we parked outside the gate and walked in. Went up to the house where Smart Baby operates from and were shown to where the clothes were.

The room was full of clothes! Full! The were stacked in the wardrobes, hanging from racks in the room etc. Full! There was no way the lady would have come with some for us to pick as we had asked. We picked some nice rompers and left. I wanted rompers because they are long sleeved and would keep Gio’s arms covered.

Drove to the Junction. Bought nipple shields from Baby Shop at the Junction.
Asked if there was a photo studio in the building. Directed upstairs. Printed photos for 25/- a piece. At Karen it’s 50/- a piece for few copies (less than 10 I think).

Went back home to await Gio’s visitors – my wife’s colleagues.