August 2015

My wife’s colleague and our friend came with her daughter to stay with us for a while.

03rd August


10th August


12th August
Gio wanted to stay with/on the swing in the supermarket


19th August


23rd August



28th August


29th August
Wyse’s 2nd birthday party.

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2nd November 2014 – Jolly Roger

Sunday, 2nd November 2014

I Love Playing In Water!
After Church, my wife suggested to members of our Marriage Enrichment Group that we go to the Jolly Roger. We were all to arrive independently. We bought some chicken and chips/fries from KFC, then went to the Jolly Roger.
Gio played in baby pool. He did not sit in the water as most of the other children were doing.







After a while, he got out and walked to the other pool.
After a while, again, he got out of that other pool and started walking to the big pool.
The life guard and I rushed to him.


After the pool, Gio enjoyed one of the swings a bit but I think he did not like too much it because the sun was in his face.


We then went to the sand pit, which he seemed to love.

IMG_7420 IMG_7427

I Love KFC!
When we got home, I gave hims some of the fries that were left. He liked them. I wanted him to wash his hands before he ate some more.
He resisted my attempts to take him to the sink.
His mother washed his hands then went to the kitchen. Gio remained standing at the baby gate looking into the kitchen and whining. When I showed him the KFC box, his face lit up and he came running. We ate the remainder of the fries and chicken.
He started crying when I told him it was finished, showed him the empty box and I folded the box. He seemed to think I was just denying him the fries.

28th to 31st Dec 2013 – Swing!, Bus Travel, Protection of Young

Saturday, 28th December 2013 – Swing, Bus Travel Tactics

Gio imitates actions such as head-shaking.

Went for a birthday bash at Under The Radar.
Gio enjoyed swinging and also bouncing a bit in a bouncing castle.




We are to travel by bus tomorrow to Malindi (via Mombasa), a journey of about 598km (about 373 miles) or 11 hours.
There were various ladies at the bash. One of them, a doctor, said when traveling with a young child, she gave the child a dose of Piriton. The child slept through most of the journey. She declined to give a prescription for Gio, since he is still under 1 year of age.

Sunday, 29th December 2013 – To Malindi

The journey to Malindi went reasonably well. No major fuss from Gio.

IMG_9564As we neared Mombasa, he predictably started sweating.


Monday, 30th December 2013 – Just Chilling





31st December 2013 – Protection of Young.

From time to time, wasps would fly into the house we were staying in. I was careful not to provoke them.

Gio was sitting in his high chair. One wasp flew towards Gio and was hovering near him. Knowing Gio, I feared he would attempt to touch it, and the wasp would sting him. I backhanded the hapless insect, sending it flying in a dizzy spiral. Ok, not quite. I did backhand it away. I don’t know if it got dizzy or not.
My wife was very amused that I, who till then seemed scared of wasps, had attacked this one so quickly. Protection of young, dear wife.

Gio nowadays participates in getting dressed – stretches arms and legs etc.

Click for bigger picture of the sweating Gio

Click for bigger picture of the sweating Gio

Gio did not like being in the pool water.