October 2015

03rd October 2015

Gio got a drummer monkey from the Nairobi Show

04th October 2015

“Carry you,” said Gio, asking to be carried

05th October 2015

There is a game on my phone called Pou. Pou is a virtual pet that you can fed, wash and take for walks and so on.

Gio was wiping Pou’s face with an actual cloth. I told my wife.

“Next he will be giving him drinking water” she said. We laughed. “It won’t be so funny then.”

My wife had told me that when Gio fed Pou and Pou ate, he said “Good boy.”

10th October 2015

12th October

School trip to Mamba Village

16th October – Sports Day

Sports Day at school. One particular race started very well for Gio…


According to Gio’s caregiver/assistant teacher at school, Gio gives non-verbal instructions and behaves like royalty at school.
Gio picks the fruits he likes from the fruit salad. Then he lifts his hand, caregiver approaches, he points at fruit salad, caregiver takes away the remains of the salad and brings fresh batch.

18th October

31st October

At the Jolly Roger


July 2015

01st July 2015
We went and bought a bike for Gio from an expat who was leaving the country.

20150701_211052b02nd July
My wife came home with a helmet to go with the bike.

The nanny changed Gio into his sleeping clothes and took him to sleep.
Afte a while, Gio started really crying. I wondered if the nanny had done something to him.
He went on for a while, so I went into their room and found him standing on his bed and crying. Maybe he was kneeling.
I consoled him and told him to sleep.
He settled down. I stayed a few minutes and left. No more crying.

9th July

Gio likes numbers written for him and things drawn for him.

Some of the art done for Gio now that he likes numbers and shapes:


11th July

Celebrating Mama’s birthday. (There were more guests than shown in the picture).


12th July


14th July
Gio’s pronunciation of numbers has changed:
‘Tor’ has become ‘four.’
‘Tat’ has become ‘five.’
‘Nenen’ has become ‘seven’ (or something close(r)).

18th July
Gio knows colours: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink


20th July
The boy is bilingual.
Nanny: Usiweke hiyo kwa mdomo. Ni chafu.
(Don’t put that in yopur mouth. It’s dirty)

Gio: Dirty

28th July


May 2015 – Broken Bone

Monday, 1st May 2015
Stedmark (Stedmak?) Gardens
Gio was not overly keen on the slide, until his sister took him up the steps, through a tunnel and down the slide. Then he loved it!

He went back over and over again, sliding in a manner that his mother probably would not have approved of, but he was here with Daddy.

Tuesday, 5th May
Gio ran towards the teacher today when my wife dropped him at school.
My wife called me and said she had found the class being taught numbers.
So that is where Gio has been learning all this.

Gio was crying.
My wife said it was because he had wanted to go to our neighbour C’s house.
That is what the nanny had said.
He went on crying on and off as he was fed his supper.
My wife said she thinks he is imitating C.
Then my wife noticed that he was crying (more) when she touched his left arm.
She asked the nanny if Gio had fallen while they were outside.
She said No.
Had he been out of her sight?
Gio was now holding his left arm with his right hand.
My wife said we take him to hospital for an x-ray.
Indeed he had a fracture. Needs a cast.
The nanny eventually admitted that Gio had gone out of her sight for a while.


06th May


Undated: The headmistress, upon seeing Gio in a cast and his mother limping, said I should be cautious…

Gio didn’t seem too bothered by the cast. He was generally as active as usual. The main problem for us was his options for clothes reduced due to the bulk of the cast. In fact, we cut one of the sleeves of one of his clothes.

The other problem was keeping the cast dry.

12th May
We took Gio for cast replacement at the same hospital where his mother had had surgery.




Wed, 13th May
Gio counted 1 to 10.
Apparently the number that he pronounces something like ‘Nnat,’ and that we could not figure out, is five.

Bed-time, we started looking for his teddy bear.
We could not find it.
Maybe he threw it out of the car.
My wife said she had opened the window at some point and when they were leaving a hardware shop, he was complaining.
We went out at about 9:20 pm to look for it
Went to the hardware shop and asked the watchman. He looked but did not see the teddy bear.
He phoned his colleague, but nothing.

14th May
Scribbling on the floor


Monday, 18th May
Gio picked his letters of the alphabet
He would come to where we were siting and hold the letter to his chest and say what letter it was.
T, M, I, B, Q, 1
We were to repeat the name of the letter (or digit), then applaud, and not just applaud without first saying the name.

Saturday, 23rd May
Bought Gio new shoes. He refused to put on the old ones.

Sunday, 24th May
I went with Gio to the nearby market
“Water,” he said, referring to a puddle
“Ananana,” he said
I put the banana back where it had been
“Ananana,” he said, giving it to the lady who was selling.
“No, leave that,” I said
He took it again
He can go with that one, she said.

Monday, 25th May
When I was taking Gio to bed, he turned towards the door of our bedroom, which is opposite his room.
We let him sleep in his bed in our room

Tuesday, 26th May
Gio woke up early and whined until I got up and went with him to the living room.
It was 6:00 a.m.

Wednesday, 27th May
I was picking Gio from school. As we approached the car, he pointed at the circular fuel tank cover and said “Circle.”
I told my wife later.
She said he had said that yesterday as well. “Did you know what he was saying?”
I replied that I thought he said circle but I wasn’t sure.

30th May
Machakos People’s Park


March 2015 – Hunger, Speech and Violence

Sunday, 1st March 2015



Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Saturday, 7th March 2015




Wednesday, 11th March

Chilling with Mama

Chilling with Mama

18th March


Sunday 22nd March – Hunger and Speech

We were going for a birthday bash at The Jolly Roger. There is a sand-pit there, so we picked Gio’s bucket and tools. When we got out of the house, Gio ran behind the house, which is where he normally goes to play with soil.
We called him back.
He picked the bucket and ran behind the house again.
He cried when brought back.
He cried and cried as we drove to The Jolly Roger.

Finally, he paused in his crying and said ‘Eat.’

My wife was quite amused, that Gio was so hungry that he spoke. I felt sorry for him.




Sandpit Violence
At the sanpit at the Jolly Roger, a boy came and joined in the playing. He tried about twice to get the shovel that Gio had. I found the boy rather irritating. Gio refused to give it to him.
One time he took an old one that was there and tried to exchange it with the new one that Gio had. Gio did not want that deal.
Gio knocked the boy on the head with the plastic shovel, I think. The boy started crying. I verbally reprimanded Gio but was quite pleased amused.
We fled the scene of crime.

IMG_9218As we were leaving the Jolly Roger, Gio saw some boys also leaving. He joyfully ran after them, solidifying my view that he should join school and play with other children.

IMG_922829th March 2015

Looking at ants/termites

Looking at ants/termites

That boy was peeing and Gio was curious

That boy was peeing and Gio was curious

23rd to 31st Dec 2014

Tuesday, 23rd December 2014





Thursday, 25th December – Christmas Day, Dudu
Went with Gio to buy chicken. There were some flies in the place.
“Dudu,” he correctly said. (‘Dudu‘ is Swahili for insect).

Gio was playing with this app on the Kindle (See video on Sunday Oct. 5th 2014). It shows animations of various animals. The animals make sounds. Gio particularly liked the bear. If you moved to another animal, he would swipe back to the bear. He imitated the bear’s roar while shaking his head as the bear does.

Later, while we were eating, he tried to feed the bear.

Gio was drawing my attention to something behind the couch.
He was pointing. I went to see what it was.
“Dudu,” he said, pointing at an insect on the wall.

My dad and sister visited for Christmas and to celebrate my sister’s birthday, which was yesterday. IMG_8453

Friday, 26th December






Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty!



Been a while since I posted a pic of Gio asleep. Yes, he does still sleep.

Sunday, 28th December

IMG_8479 IMG_8484

Wednesday, 31st December
Gio slept as we ushered in the new year

Undated Events
Gio’s aunt seems to have some unusual influence over him. He complies with her directions without fuss – when being changed, bathed, fed and so on.

My wife was amused when she realised that whenever she called the said aunt, say, while aunt was in the kitchen, Gio would run ‘away.’  (He would run from one side of the living room to another). He probably thought he was going to be put to bed.

The aunt left before the new year.

We went house-hunting with Gio.

08th to 22nd December 2014

Thursday, 11th December 2014

Gio’s sister came to visit for a few days.

Friday, 12th December 2014
Went to visit a relative in Ngong’


Sunday, 14th Dec
We went to The Jolly Roger, along with Uncle Dan and the twin cousins.

IMG_8278 IMG_8286 IMG_8318 IMG_8326

Monday, 15th December

IMG_8348 IMG_8351 IMG_8352 IMG_8354 IMG_8357
Gio’s sister left.

Tuesday, 16th December
Gio can now open doors.

IMG_8361Thursday, 18th December


Saturday, 20th December
I took my wife to hospital for surgery.
Went back home and the nanny left for her Christmas break.
Gio was now under Daddy’s sole care.

We went to the hospital to see my wife.
She was still sleeping after the surgery.
Gio stared at his Mama. Noisy mama was suddenly quiet.

Back home that night, I started feeding Gio. He ate a few spoons and started turning away his head. Left him to sit for a while. Tried again. Ate one or two spoonfuls then again started refusing. I took him from the feeding chair. That was the end of supper. My wife or the nanny would probably have tried to persuade him to eat. They would probably have succeeded.
Sunday, 21st December
Alarm went off at 7:30.
Gio was awake. He had slept through the night despite not having been made to finish his supper the previous night.

I gave him porridge. Changed him. Off to hospital. Arrived around 9:10.

Went to pick my wife’s sister. Took her to my wife’s friend’s place, where my wife was to go that afternoon. He cried when I started to leave. I came back. Sneaked out while he was distracted. Went to fetch my wife from hospital.

I put Gio to bed around 5:15 p.m. No carrying on the back or anything. Just put him in his crib. This is something I have been telling my wife we should do, instead of having him being carried on the back for him to sleep.

He slept for about two hours.

Told him “Good night.”
“Nanai,” he replied.


Monday, 22nd December




01st to 07th December 2015

Monday, 1st December 2014
My wife bought sweet potato flour to use instead of wheat, since Gio reacts to wheat.

Gio’s lovey underwent corrective surgery.

IMG_8065 IMG_8061Following the successful operation, Gio started playing with it again.

IMG_8073 IMG_8059 IMG_8067 IMG_8069

Tuesday, 2nd Dec
Pancakes and raisins


Wednesday, 3rd Dec
Gio likes looking at pictures and watching videos of himself. To be fair to him, maybe he would be equally fascinated by pictures and videos of other kids.



I played for him one of the videos he has watched since he was quite young. He was reciting some letters of the alphabet at the same time as the narrator.

Thursday, 4th



Saturday, 6th December








Sunday, 7th Dec 2014
As we were getting into the house at night, my wife slipped, fell on her foot and fractured two ankle bones. This incident affected activities in our house for weeks after it happened.