16th to 22nd June 2014 – Crib, Climbing and Cold Sharing

Tuesday, 17th June 2014
My aunt came for a conference in Nairobi and is to stay at our place. Gio seemed to like her. He kept giving her his toys, one by one.

Wednesday, 18th June
Gio pooped at some point in the morning, which was not unusual of course. He seems to have a cold as well. A little after, he had pooped again, which was not very usual. Around lunch time, he had pooped yet again, which was definitely unusual.


My wife got him some antihistamines. She was advised by the pharmacist to monitor if his poop continues to have mucus, in which case a sample may need to be taken to a lab for examination. Gio’s behaviour otherwise seems normal.


At night, he was not sleeping well, so my wife brought him to our bed.

Thursday, 19th June – Sharing A Cold
I woke up and heard one of Gio’s cartoon videos playing. I drifted back to sleep. I woke up again to the sound of Gio’s continuous whining. I could now hear one of the TV morning talk shows, and not Gio’s video. I got up and found the nanny watching TV with Gio in his feeding chair. She took him out of his chair and left, while I put Gio’s video back. Naturally, the whining stopped. My wife had taken my aunt to the bus stop. When she came back, I told my wife about the TV incident. She told the nanny to be watching TV only when Gio is asleep.

Gio joined me in doing squats. (Video available here).

He placed a teddy bear near my mouth for me to kiss, then passed it to my wife to kiss. My wife was reluctant.
“Gio is passing his cold to us,” my wife said as she gave in to the kiss.

Friday, 20th June
I have a cold.

Sunday, 22nd June Climbing out of Crib
After changing Gio’s diaper, I put him in his crib while I went to wash my hands. I heard my wife yell and a thud thereafter. Gio had tried to climb out of his crib and had fallen headfirst.

He cried a bit and my wife soothed him. Now my wife is even more concerned about how to deal with this situation.
Later, she lowered the side of his crib that can be raised and lowered and tied it in place. She then put away some potentially dangerous things that are in Gio’s room, and she put a folded sleeping bag right next to Gio’s crib in case he falls again.


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