August 2015

My wife’s colleague and our friend came with her daughter to stay with us for a while.

03rd August


10th August


12th August
Gio wanted to stay with/on the swing in the supermarket


19th August


23rd August



28th August


29th August
Wyse’s 2nd birthday party.

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16th to 31st January 2015 – Two!

Saturday, 17th January 2015


Thursday, 22nd January
Gio started throwing things in the corner space behind the TV.
The nanny then decided that that would be a good place to be stashing his toys.

IMG_8751Friday, 23rd January

Gio turned two today, as did this blog 🙂
Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.
We thank God for Gio’s life and health.

IMG_8755 IMG_8760 IMG_8762 IMG_8772

Saturday, 24th January
The bash was bigger than portrayed by the pictures below.
More pictures will be uploaded later.

20150124_112944 20150124_112943 (1) 20150124_170141

Sunday, 25th January
Unwrapped Gio’s birthday gifts.
Some more friends visited and brought Gio more gifts.

IMG_8784 IMG_8838 IMG_888126th January


Undated Event

One day as I came home, I approached the place where the nannies often gather to chat as the children play. The nannies were there this time, as well as a neighbour’s child, a girl of maybe three.

I had some trash to dispose of, so I passed where the congregation was and headed towards the trash bin.

“Uncle Telo! Uncle Telo!” called the little girl.
Anajificha!” (He/she is hiding!) “Anajificha!”
Nani? (Who?)
“Aunty Telo.” (Telo’s Auntie (nanny))
The gathered nannies were laughing at this.
Wapi?” (Where?) I asked.
Huko.” (There.) she pointed.
I went upstairs to our house and found the nanny standing at the balcony looking all innocent.

Saturday, 31st January – Moving Day.
My wife told the nanny she can’t work with someone who does not follow her instructions.
She cited the time when she had again left Gio asleep in the house and gone downstairs, then ran when she saw me arriving, but was reported by the neighbour’s child. He could go to the bathroom and take detergent. He could go to the stairs and fall. He could…
She did not deny the charges, but tried to downplay the incident. She was fired.

On reaching the new house, Telo’s time to sleep. Since his bed(room) had not been set up, we put a mattress on the floor in the living room and put him on it. He slept through all the commotion around.


23rd to 31st Dec 2014

Tuesday, 23rd December 2014





Thursday, 25th December – Christmas Day, Dudu
Went with Gio to buy chicken. There were some flies in the place.
“Dudu,” he correctly said. (‘Dudu‘ is Swahili for insect).

Gio was playing with this app on the Kindle (See video on Sunday Oct. 5th 2014). It shows animations of various animals. The animals make sounds. Gio particularly liked the bear. If you moved to another animal, he would swipe back to the bear. He imitated the bear’s roar while shaking his head as the bear does.

Later, while we were eating, he tried to feed the bear.

Gio was drawing my attention to something behind the couch.
He was pointing. I went to see what it was.
“Dudu,” he said, pointing at an insect on the wall.

My dad and sister visited for Christmas and to celebrate my sister’s birthday, which was yesterday. IMG_8453

Friday, 26th December






Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty!



Been a while since I posted a pic of Gio asleep. Yes, he does still sleep.

Sunday, 28th December

IMG_8479 IMG_8484

Wednesday, 31st December
Gio slept as we ushered in the new year

Undated Events
Gio’s aunt seems to have some unusual influence over him. He complies with her directions without fuss – when being changed, bathed, fed and so on.

My wife was amused when she realised that whenever she called the said aunt, say, while aunt was in the kitchen, Gio would run ‘away.’  (He would run from one side of the living room to another). He probably thought he was going to be put to bed.

The aunt left before the new year.

We went house-hunting with Gio.

25th to 31st August 2014

Monday, 25th August 2014
Went for the 1st birthday bash for W, the son of one of the couples in our Marriage Enrichment Group.



Sunday, 31st August
There is this ride-on toy car that has been under the block stairs for a while. I think the owners moved out and left it there. The car has recently become popular among the kids on the block.
Gio had a few rounds riding in the car, pushed by me.



After that, we went walking a bit.

Then Gio sat a while.

Then back to the car.


21st to 27th July 2014 -18 Months Old

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014
Gio turns 18 months today.

He was scheduled for a clinic visit for weight check and a jab.
When we were ready to leave, we started looking for his clinic card. We looked and looked. We found it maybe an hour later. This was already way past his morning sleep time. My wife kept him awake in the car so that he would sleep after the jab.
On reaching the clinic, we were kept waiting again, which usually does not happen. Gio was cranky. My wife got agitated. We finally went in. The measles jab is given on Saturdays, said the nurse. So Gio was only weighed – 12.? kilos. What a waste of time! We kept Gio awake and came all this way just to weigh him!

Friday, 25th July
“Gio came to hit me with your toy” said my wife.
“I had to pull the tea towards myself or it would have scalded him.
He seemed to know that he had done something wrong – he fled across the room and looked back at me from that distance.”

Saturday, 26th July
Back to the clinic we went. Gio was given the last jab in the required jabs series, at least until (when?).
Him mother did not want to see him being jabbed, so I carried him.
He didn’t cry much. In fact, I think he was crying because the object he had been carrying was taken away.
We tok him back home and left for town.

On the street, near California Cookies, we found and bought a copy of What To Expect the Toddler Years, for 300/- A new copy would likely cost at least 4 times that amount. The seller had several copies of What To Expect When You Are Expecting. I mention where we got the book in case you want to get one :-).

Gio has been taking milk for one week now without rashes appearing.

Sunday, 27th July
Went for the second year birthday bash for one of our Marriage Enrichment Group members.
“That boy is called Telo,” said our friend to her cousin.
“Which one?”
“That one.”
“That one??”
“That is a boy?!”

Gio enjoyed playing on the bouncy castle. It did not have a protective net round it, meaning a child could fall from it.

2nd to 8th June 2014

Monday, 2nd June 2014



Tuesday, 3rd June

Daddy feeding Gio

Daddy feeding Gio



Thursday, 5th June 2014 – Out For A Walk

Freedom! Let's go!

Freedom! Let’s go!





...then the pavement...

…then the pavement…


...then (what's this surface called in English?)...

…then (what’s this called in English?)…


Take a break.

Take a break.


On to the road!

On to the road!

Exploration. Toy is dropped.

Exploration. Toy is dropped.


Dropped toy is abandoned.

Dropped toy is abandoned.

Mama would probably not allow this. But she is not here! :-D

Mama would probably not allow this. But she is not here! 😀

Saturday, 7th June
Went for a wedding.

After the wedding, we went for a bash to celebrate the first birthday of the son of a couple in our Marriage Enrichment Group.


Sunday, 8th June