27th And 28th September 2014

Saturday, 27th September 2014
Still at Athi River. Gio refused to have his cereal. I gave him some bread instead, despite the fact that he reacts to wheat. He happily ate the bread.

We went out to play. Gio was afraid of walking on the structure there necause of the gaps between the planks of wood. His mother had similar fears regarding a footbridge in town.




On our way back home, we stopped by some family friends’ house, to see the sister of the possible new nanny. This sister is the nanny to the said family friends. The possible new nanny is available. She and my wife will finalise details of her employment.

Sunday, 28th September

I took Gio out to play.

As usual, he spent some time examining things.




But also had time to run a bit.



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