13th to 19th October 2014 – Unwell

Tuesday, 14th October 2014



Wednesday, 15th October
The nanny pronounces Gio’s second name ‘Telo’ as ‘Delo.’

“This baby has a high temperature,” said my wife.
I touched him
“Which temperature?” I asked
“You always say that,” she said.
We put a thermometer under his armpit and of course he wanted to pull it out.
The thermometer reading was normal. He was taken to sleep.

When I went to zip up his romper much later, he indeed felt quite hot.

Thursday, 16th October
Gio feels quite hot to touch.
We gave him Calpol and I went to buy him Zinat.
The lady at the pharmacy said the price was 830/- I asked for a discount and she said 700/-
The receipt said the price was 700/- and discount was 0.
I had also bought a packet of Gio’s calcium-fortified soya milk at 275/-
That’s 975/- gone in one morning for Gio.

About 2:00pm temperature was 38.6 degrees C

My wife had bought suppositories for Gio.
I deposited it.
Gio refused to eat pilau (a rice based-meal).
After a while, he dozing on the sofa! A few days ago, my wife had remarked that we never find Gio asleep on the floor or on a seat.

It is unusual to find Gio just seated like this

It is unusual to find Gio just seated like this

Gio refused to eat fries at first, but he eventually ate, being fed by the nanny.
The nanny then dressed him for bed.
We gave him medicine.
He threw up almost immediately.
The nanny changed his clothes and I deposited another suppository.
We gave him medicine again.
He threw up again.
The nanny changed his clothes again.
He was then taken to sleep.

Friday, 17th October
Gio took porridge
He was given medicine.
He threw up.
My wife called a doctor friend to ask for advice. The doctor friend was arrested for talking on the phone while driving.
My wife felt very guilty and focused her energy on getting him released.

We took Gio to the clinic.
Amid Gio’s resistance and protests, the doctor examined his ears and throat. A blood test was done as well.
Turns out he has a throat infection. The doctor said we continue with Zinat and prescribed something to prevent the vomiting. He said we should give Calpol instead of the suppository paracetamol, because with the suppository, we cannot be certain that it has been absorbed, and may end up overdosing the child when we give a subsequent dose.

Our doctor friend was eventually released with a warning.

Sunday, 19th October
Our neighbour had a birthday party. Gio, who was now back to himself, enjoyed himself. As did his dad.


Gio was trying to lap up some water that was on the bouncy castle.



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