22nd to 24th September 2014 – Self-Feeding

Tuesday, 23rd September 2014
Gio is 20 months old today. That is one year and 8 months.
Gio was building a tower.
One piece was to be placed at an inconvenient height.

So he lifted off part of the existing tower, added the piece and placed back the joined pieces.


IMG_6467Wednesday, 24th September – Self Feeding
Feeding Gio can take very long (over one and a half hours on June 23-29). He retains food in his mouth and has to be urged to swallow. I have been telling my wife that we should let Gio be feeding himself. One problem is that he is allergic to some foods, so he can’t just eat whatever we are eating.

I was trying to feed Gio ugali and beans and he was resistant. My wife said it was because I had not put his video on and I was not talking to him and he does not like ugali. I put on his video and she talked to him and fed him a spoonful. I tried again and again to feed him and he kept turning away, pushing my hand away and protesting. Again and again. My wife tried again and he still resisted.
“Even at lunch time he ate like that,” said the nanny.
“I said I think we should give him food that he likes.”
My wife prepared some french fries/chips for him with tomato sauce and set the plate before him.
Gio stuffed his mouth with the fries. There was no more whining.

He was done with the food in less than 20 minutes!

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