4th to 10th August 2014

Wednesday, 6th August 2014
My wife nowadays leaves the house without sneaking out. We decided to implement this so that Gio can learn to watch her go without crying. (He usually does not make a big fuss when I leave).


At night, Gio sneezed a few times. My wife said he has a runny nose. She went to buy him antihistamines. I was not too keen on Gio being given medicine, especially OTC meds, but my wife said we should anticipate and prevent the symptoms and let the child be comfortable.

Thursday, 7th August
“Is there some food in which you put Blue Band?” my wife asked the nanny.
“Yes, sometimes Telo’s food.”
“Don’t put Blue Band in his food at all. If you want you can put in yours.”

Friday, 8th August
Went with Gio to a friend’s wedding. Naturally, Gio was walking up and down.

At night Gio woke up coughing. It sounded quite bad. My wife said the remedy she knows is honey, but should we give honey after 1 year? Please Google. I did. Turned out honey is indeed a recommended remedy. It soothes the throat. Also turns out over the counter drugs for children under six are NOT recommended.

Saturday, 9th August
We went for a birthday bash. At first, Gio was up and down playing with a tap, walking to the dog house, until the dogs barked.


Then he did not like being near the dog house that much any more. Later, when the dogs were barking, he would imitate them “Woo! Woo!” he barked.

Sunday, 10th August
We went for a bash to ‘break up’ the committee of the June 7th Wedding.

Gio and some children were playing with a ball and when it was time to leave, we couldn’t find it.


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