21st to 27th July 2014 -18 Months Old

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014
Gio turns 18 months today.

He was scheduled for a clinic visit for weight check and a jab.
When we were ready to leave, we started looking for his clinic card. We looked and looked. We found it maybe an hour later. This was already way past his morning sleep time. My wife kept him awake in the car so that he would sleep after the jab.
On reaching the clinic, we were kept waiting again, which usually does not happen. Gio was cranky. My wife got agitated. We finally went in. The measles jab is given on Saturdays, said the nurse. So Gio was only weighed – 12.? kilos. What a waste of time! We kept Gio awake and came all this way just to weigh him!

Friday, 25th July
“Gio came to hit me with your toy” said my wife.
“I had to pull the tea towards myself or it would have scalded him.
He seemed to know that he had done something wrong – he fled across the room and looked back at me from that distance.”

Saturday, 26th July
Back to the clinic we went. Gio was given the last jab in the required jabs series, at least until (when?).
Him mother did not want to see him being jabbed, so I carried him.
He didn’t cry much. In fact, I think he was crying because the object he had been carrying was taken away.
We tok him back home and left for town.

On the street, near California Cookies, we found and bought a copy of What To Expect the Toddler Years, for 300/- A new copy would likely cost at least 4 times that amount. The seller had several copies of What To Expect When You Are Expecting. I mention where we got the book in case you want to get one :-).

Gio has been taking milk for one week now without rashes appearing.

Sunday, 27th July
Went for the second year birthday bash for one of our Marriage Enrichment Group members.
“That boy is called Telo,” said our friend to her cousin.
“Which one?”
“That one.”
“That one??”
“That is a boy?!”

Gio enjoyed playing on the bouncy castle. It did not have a protective net round it, meaning a child could fall from it.


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