9th to 15th June 2014 – Crib Dangers

Monday, 9th June 2014
Went to see my wife’s niece who was attending some training relatively nearby. (Niece’s picture not shown because I generally avoid putting pictures of people here without their consent. Apart from Gio.)


Tuesday, 10th June


Saturday, 14th June
Birthday bash.

Gio’s invite arrived days in advance. It was a friend’s birthday, a boy who lives in the estate, he used to give Gio rides in his tricycle.


At first Gio was scared of the bouncy castle, then he warmed up to it.





Sunday, 15th June – Crib Dangers
Gio was climbing out of his cot. When his mum turned, he sat back down and started smiling.
I suggested that we tie some cloth across the top of the cot to prevent him from climbing out. My wife thought it was a ridiculous idea.

Apparently what I was suggesting is something called a crib tent. Crib tents seems to have fallen out of favour due to safety concerns.


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