10th to 16th February 2014

Monday, 10th February 2014
Put Gio to sleep at around 9:20 and stayed by his crib.
He stood up a few times and each time I made him lie down again.
He kept tossing and turning, until I thought of just taking him back to the living room until he gets sleepy.
Then he fell asleep!

Tuesday, 11th Feb 2014
Gio woke up around 1:30 a.m. My wife took him and breastfed him. He started sleeping in our bed.
My wife took him back to his crib.
He started crying. This went on till maybe 2:30 at which point my wife had had enough and wanted to compel him to sleep.
I offered to put him to sleep.
I kept physically preventing him from getting up. He kept crying and kicking his legs.
After some time, my wife came and made him lie down with comforting words and he was silent for a while. She got back into our bed and Gio started crying again.
I again went and made him lie down, switched off the night light and patted him.
He finally drifted off to sleep at maybe 3:30 a.m. or so.

IMG_1259 IMG_1253

Friday, 14th Feb

Gio was glad to meet a dog from the neighbourhood. He was not afraid to touch it.
I think this change came about after he touched the neighbour’s cat.
In Malindi, he was fascinated by the dog there, but he never reached out to touch it.

Saturday, 15th February


Sunday, 16th Feb
Went to visit some friends who got a baby two months ago.
We passed by Smart Baby to buy the new baby something.
In our bargaining pitch, we said we were long-standing customers and we mentioned the time we came shopping with Gio when he was just a week old and we were not allowed into the compound and it was drizzling at the time. The man remembered the incident and gave us 100/- discount 😀
(Smart Baby has since relocated from that no-visitors’-cars location, but did not move very far away).

At our friend’s place, Gio was fascinated by the baby and tried to touch his eyes. Why do babies do that?
Gio seemed to enjoy walking to and fro, sometimes falling down, but getting up again.

We intend to stop giving him milk to see if the rash will go away.
My wife and I went out to dinner, so my wife instructed the nanny to put Gio to bed at around 9:20 p.m.
My wife told her to stay with him in the room until he falls asleep.
Later, the nanny said Gio only cried a bit.


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