13th to 15th Dec 2013

Hello readers!

Sorry I was not in a position to conveniently post for the past month or so(!). But here we are. I hope you are all well.

13th Dec 2013

IMG_8707Went for holiday lunch at our friends’ place.


14th Dec 2013


15th Dec 2013

My wife padded Gio’s cot.

IMG_8805 IMG_8802

My wife detected fever in Gio and gave him medicine (Calpol). When she asked me to feel him, I did not think he was significantly warmer than usual. Turned out my wife was right. We went to hospital late at night. His temperature was about 38.8 degrees Celsius (normal is about 36 to 37 degrees). The doctor was unable to examine Gio’s throat for signs of an infection, due to Gio’s lack of co-operation. (I remember I used to totally dislike having my tongue depressed for throat examination). Given alternative fever-reliever. He said we should monitor the situation.



I guess it's ok

I guess it’s ok


3 thoughts on “13th to 15th Dec 2013

  1. Oh…he’s growing so fast…love the dimples….and the hair showed up…tihihi, Kay must be happy. Poleni sana, hope he’s better…in our prayers…

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