26th to 28th October – 200 grams?

26th October 2013

Clinic. Gio allegedly weights 10.7kg! He has gained a mere 200 grams in 7 weeks?! But then again, some people say children lose weight when they start crawling or eating solids (I forget which). Or maybe he gained and lost since the last visit. (Sept 4th)
Measles jab. My wife walked out not to witness it. I held Gio. The nurse was talking to him. Gio was looking at her. She injected his upper arm. Not a sound from him. And that was that.


Boy likes TV

IMG_668827th October 2013

IMG_670928th October 2013



9 thoughts on “26th to 28th October – 200 grams?

  1. My girl loves tv too especially the dettol ad that ends with the kids raising their hands. It took a while do me to connect her raising arms and shouting “yay” to the ad. However there are now limits-last night she was blowing kisses from her hand like another commercial.

  2. 200 gms…is better that weighing 17kilograms for six months. Its so amazing they way they can maintain their weight yet WE just cant keep it low. Its like the fuel prices…..goes up by 20 shillings then reduces by 2 cents!

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