21st to 30th September 2013 – 8 Months

21st September 2013

This was the day of the Westgate mall attack. We heard of the events while at a wedding.

IMG_516122nd September 2013

IMG_5247We went to visit my dad.

IMG_526523rd September 2013

Gio is 8 months old today!

IMG_532224th September 2013

IMG_533325th September 2013

Gio rocks back and forth when he is seated.

26th September 2013


First you eat…


…then you play with Mama…


…then what is this now?

27th September 2013

IMG_538228th September 2013


Standing briefly while supported

IMG_5568 IMG_557129th September 2013

As we prepared to go to Church, my wife said
“I normally don’t carry bibs such as this one.” She indicated a pinkish bib “because people think Gio is a girl”
She is so cute.” she mimicked.
It’s a he.”
I said something like it doesn’t matter if people think he is a girl.


Do I really look like a girl?

We went to Church.
As we were standing around after the service, a lady came up and was looking at Gio.
A conversation like the following took place:
“She is so pretty!” said the lady.
“It’s a boy,” I said.
“Ooh! Such beauty,” she said.
“Don’t worry, many people think he is a girl,” I told her.
I said to a friend that maybe we should dress Gio in blue clothes with words like “Mummy’s Boy” written boldly on them.

IMG_561430th September 2013



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