1st to 10th September 2013

I have been slow in updating this blog. Sorry about that. I hope to be more regular.

01st Sept 2013
Gio woke up with his left eye a bit swollen or puffy.
I had the task of feeding him and he ate well.
Later I gave him milk. 180ml. We timed it. It took him 4 minutes to finish!
Went to Church.

IMG_451702nd Sept 2013

IMG_452403rd Sept 2013

IMG_4536Wednesday, 4th Sept 2013
I remembered that Gio was due for a clinic visit.

He has gained another 500g in the past 4 weeks and now weighs 10.5 kg

IMG_455805th Sept 2013

IMG_4574 06th Sept 2013


This is how daddy does pull-ups


“When I grow up, I be sumo wrestler”
(My wife sometimes doesn’t like me saying such things)

IMG_458807th Sept 2013

IMG_4603 IMG_46008th Sept 2013

IMG_46309th Sept 2013

IMG_464010th Sept 2013



7 thoughts on “1st to 10th September 2013

  1. I will never tire of saying that that boy is just too cute. Can’t believe his the same size as my girl but its a month or so difference. Way to go parents!

  2. Btw, is he crawling yet? My lil girl just started plus pulling herself up to a standing position. The living room has been re arranged to suit her, so prepare yourselves 🙂

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