25th to 31st August 2013

Sunday, 25th Aug 2013
My wife said she still thinks the reason Gio was not breastfeeding very well was that he had suffered burns and had now healed.IMG_4332

26th August 2013

IMG_437527th August 2013

IMG_440828th August 2013

IMG_4411Bought 14cm stainless steel saucepan 1,130/-
1 litre Milton’s Sterilising Fluid 465/-
(This was 550/- on Biashara Street!)
400g roll of cotton wool 230/-
That is 1,875/- on Gio.
Be warned, babies can be expensive!

IMG_445029th August 2013

IMG_444330th August 2013

IMG_445531st August 2013



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