18th to 24th August – Hot Water and 7 Months

18th August 2013
We finally ran out of the diapers we have been given since before Gio was born. My wife went to T-Mall but they did not have Huggies in Gio’s size. She bought a small pack of Bebe Dou instead.

IMG_405119th August 2013
I went to Nakumatt and bought a Huggies pack of 60 diapers at 1,495/=.



20th August

IMG_4129Wednesday, 21st August 2013
“On Monday,” said my wife, “it would be nice if you would remain with Gio. The nanny will have traveled and will be back on Monday evening.”
IMG_4163Thursday, 22nd August 2013 – Hot Water
My wife found the nanny about to give Gio water to drink.
Let me do it, she said.
When she took the bottle of water, she found it was quite hot. Hot enough to make a cup of tea with!
This water is so hot! She told the nanny.
He likes it hot, she replied.
IMG_4187Naturally, my wife warned the nanny against doing that again.

23rd August 2013 – 7 Months
Gio is seven months old today.

After finding the nanny about to give Gio hot water and the nanny claiming that Gio likes it like that, my wife suspects that Gio’s mouth may have been burnt, causing him to not want to breastfeed.
If he was burnt he wouldn’t be feeding this well, I said.
Sucking is a different action, replied my wife.

IMG_4209IMG_4213 Saturday 24th Aug 2013
Went with Gio to a family function to plan some wedding events.
Gio was generally quite social.
At some point, my wife went to breastfeed him and he breastfed, ending concerns about his earlier refusal to do so.



2 thoughts on “18th to 24th August – Hot Water and 7 Months

  1. What? You got enough diapers to last you 6 months? I need to increase my circle of friends 🙂 Had to start buying month 4.

    Huggies ‘reacted’ badly with J; had to switch back to Pampers.

    My cousin also gave J some really hot milk saying he likes it that way!!

    • In our experience, Pampers leak, unless they are bought at the UN offices.
      A certain friend says the same about Huggies and prefers Pampers

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