5th to 10th August 2013

Monday, 5th August 2013
I told my wife it was time to introduce a third food item to Gio’s diet.

IMG_3689Tuesday 6th August 2013
I again said that we should introduce a third food into Gio’s diet.
Gio was not very keen on having pumpkin. The nanny said that even in his daytime meal, he had been reluctant to eat.
My wife said we leave it and try rice cereal. At first I said she should just breastfeed him, but later said we could try the rice.
He ate the rice cereal more readily than the pumpkin.

IMG_3698Wednesday 07th August 2013
Again, Gio was not keen on having the pumpkin. Again, my wife prepared rice cereal and he ate that more readily. Maybe he is tired of pumpkin. Time to introduce third food.

Went to clinic for monthly weigh-in. Gio is now 10kg. Nurse said 500g in a month is good weight gain for his age and again said that he is overweight anyway.
He was also given Vitamin A oral drops.

IMG_374808th August 2013


Trimming Gio’s nails as he sleeps

09th August 2013

IMG_378210th August 2013

Introduced porridge. Gio took it reasonably well.



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