1st to 4th August

1st August 2013
Started feeding Gio pureed pumpkin mixed with formula.
He took it reasonably well.

The formula tin says that once the tin is opened, the formula in it must be used within 30 days.
We had a tin we had opened a while back that still had formula in it. We did not want to take chances by giving that formula to Gio, so we have been using it ourselves as milk powder 🙂

Fed Gio pumpkin twice today.

IMG_3427IMG_34052nd August 2013

IMG_3452Saturday, 3rd August 2013
I bought hinges to hold the cot together and put an end to the nightly fixing. One side went in well, the other was a bit problematic – the Made in China screws started sort of chipping.
IMG_3471 IMG_3470Sunday, 04th August 2013
Went for a friend’s (one of the three avid readers of this blog) daughter’s 2nd Birthday Bash.
I asked two friends, one a clinical officer and another who works in a children’s home, whether it was dangerous to carry a child by his arms only.
Their response was immediate and unanimous: Yes. The child’s shoulder’s are not strong enough yet.
The one who works in the children’s home said carrying a child like that is actually a reason for dismissal from employment at the home. It can cause dislocation of the shoulder.
On another subject, she also said that it is normal for a child’s poop to be like a paste when he starts eating solids. The poop is like clay or Plasticine (r) or play-doh (play-dough?).

When we got home my wife prepared Gio’s second meal of pumpkin of the day. We sat him in his high chair, strapped him in and my wife started feeding him. She feeds him pretty fast before he loses interest. She then told me to add a cloth round his neck to serve as an additional bib. I got the cloth and my wife stopped shipping spoonfuls to Gio’s mouth to allow me to put the cloth round his neck.
Gio let out a shout that surprised us. He apparently did not appreciate the interruption of his meal, brief as the interruption was.


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