07th to 09th June 2013

07th June 2013

Woke up to no power.
Told later that transformer got damaged.
Extended blackouts affect milk storage and expressing milk.

Fortunately, the landlord gives us power from a generator for a few hours each day.

Gio has started holding his feet/toes when put on his back

IMG_128908th June –  Political Will

Gio was fed but not sleeping yet, and was crying.
My wife had gone for a while to a friend’s place where there was electricity.
I rocked Gio for a while then put him to bed at about 9:53 p.m.
He went on crying.
I thought maybe he was hungry, so I tried to feed him but he rejected the bottle.
I put him to bed again and left the room..
He cried for a while then there was silence.
I thought he may have covered himself, so I went to check on him.

He resumed crying at greater intensity.
I left him again and by 10:15, he was asleep.

(My wife does not have the will to let Gio cry until he sleeps, or to employ such methods of sleep training)

IMG_132209th June 2013
Gio is outgrowing his cot.
IMG_1360Still no electricity.

My wife went to our friend’s house at around 2:00 a.m. to store milk and to express.
I could not go with her because she needed to express and someone needed to stay with the baby.

I realised nowadays i rarely post pics of Gio sleeping. Yes, he still does sleep.

I realised nowadays I rarely post pics of Gio sleeping. Yes, he still does sleep.


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