28th to 31st May 2013 – Gidvanni

28th May – Gidvanni
Went to Birth Cert place.
In about 10 minutes I was at the counter.
Got the birth Certificate!
A man standing by asked me when I had first come for the Certificate.
I tried to add up the time.
“How many times have you come to collect it?”, he rephrased.
“This is the second time.”
“I was told to come today. So I should just be patient?”
The public has little faith in Government offices.

On the application form, I had filled the child’s name as GIOVANNI.
The name was written on the Birth Certificate as Gidvanni.

I went to the counter for Typing Errors.
While queuing, a lady behind me asked
(Translation follows)
Ulikuwa umekujia Birth?
Mi nimekujia Death Certificate na napewa Birth ya mtu.

You had come for a Birth [Certificate]?
I came for a Death Certificate and I was given a Birth Certificate instead!

I reached the counter and pointed out the typing error.
The lady asked for my receipt and wrote AW on it.
She also wrote something on a piece of paper that (I hope) she attached to the application form and erroneous certificate.
She told me to come back on Friday.

IMG_080429th May 2013

IMG_0848 IMG_082830th May 2013

Aqueous Cream at KShs 465/-. Discount. 420. – Pentapharm at Corner House.
Milton’s 2 boxes of 28 tablets each at 350/- per box at Suni’s(?), Biashara Street

IMG_088831st May 2013

Went to the Birth Certificate place and actually got the corrected Birth Certificate. Yay!
It had been retyped.

2013-05-31 18.05.55


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