16th to 18th May 2013

16th May – The ‘Fall’

Gio has a seat that we sometimes place him on. It has a strap/belt but we rarely use it.

IMG_9874The nanny left him on the  seat in the living room. He was making his usual noises.
I went to the sitting room and found he had slipped off the chair and was positioned with his head down while his hip and butt were still on the seat. He was just there, silent.
I called the nanny to see, lifted and carried Gio and he seemed none the worse and resumed making noise.

IMG_022017th May 2013

IMG_024618th May 2013

Gio has a boil on his neck/shoulder. 😦

Nowadays he cries quite intensely in the morning. This seems to happen when he wants to sleep after feeding.

IMG_0282 IMG_0277


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