07th to 9th May – Weight Gain Rate

07th May

08th May
Clinic visit day.
Gio weighed in at 8.5 kilos. Growth rate in the last month seems to have been lower than before.
4 weeks ago, he was 11 weeks (77 days) old, and weighed 7.7 kilos, which is 3.7 kilos more than his weight at birth.
His rate of gain was averaging (3,700 divide by 77) = 48 grams a day.
8.5 kilos minus 7.7 kilos is 800 grams in 28 days which averages 28.5 grams a day.

Two jabs. One on each thigh. Gio’s mother left the room in order not to witness the jabs.

We went to see the doctor about the pinworms.
These are not pinworms, she said. These are ringworms.
The other doctor said they were pinworms.
He told you ringworms
No, we said ringworms and he said pinworms
She prescribed other medicine.

Gio was put to bed awake. He talked for a while then slept.

IMG_9879 IMG_985509th May
Some time in the night, I heard Gio making sounds by himself.
I presume it was early morning.
Gio woke up about 6:30 a.m.
My wife is pleased that the transition to falling asleep on his own seems to have worked without much fuss.

She put him to bed around 9:35 p.m.
He cried for maybe 10 minutes until she came and picked him and breastfed him.
She put him to bed again, but he started crying quite loudly.
She went into the bedroom and there was silence.
She came back out and said he had a big burp. (I find that phrase funny).

There was silence.
Is he asleep, she asked?
I went to check and saw he was awake.

He fell asleep on his own after that.



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