4th to 6th May 2013 – Over The Wall

04th May – Over the Wall
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05th May
Some time this week, we realised there is a new danger.
A canvas(? What is that waterproof sheet called?) sheet is placed on Gio’s changing table
A napkin is placed on the canvas.
Gio is then placed on the napkin.
Now, Gio nowadays kicks a lot. If he is barefoot, then his bare feet find good traction on the canvas and as he kicks or pushes with his feet, he slides with the napkin towards the edge of the changing table, risking a headlong tumble. So, of course, we need to never leave him unattended on the table.

The Amazing Sliding Boy.

The Amazing Sliding Boy.

We had also noticed that of late, many times when we placed Gio on his back, he would turn to his side as if he wanted to look at something in the direction his head was pointed. IMG_9840A few days later, it dawned on my wife that at this age, he was supposed to be rolling over! So this was probably the beginings of a milestone! And the parents were not even aware! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

IMG_970506th May 2013


I'm tired of these photos

I’m tired of these photos


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